As the blockchain era continues to demand more and more sophistication within cryptocurrencies, attempts to further decentralize currencies continue to crop up. The presence of the blockchain has made it possible for money to be moved over the internet without trust in any party.

BlockCAT realized that special software could be placed on blockchains to be executed by a network of computers. This software is called a smart contract. Smart contracts will be the key to the realization of a world where computer related tasks can be done autonomously without the fear of external tampering.

BlockCAT uses ethereum since it is a standard digital currency that is growing fast. It is also an evolving system that is committed to innovation. BlockCAT believes that ethereum is the best platform to develop smart contracts that are secure. Smart contract technology will continue its evolution, and BlockCAT is determined to continue revising it to become even more inclusive and effective as a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency work.

What Is BlockCAT?

BlockCAT allows anyone to create, deploy and manage smart contracts with a few clicks. The smart contracts deployment takes place on the ethereum blockchain. There is no programming needed to do this.

Consumers can organize smart contracts, or even craft their own using the unique software.

Programmers are costly. BlockCAT made affordable smart contracts that can be accessed by those who need them.

The smart contracts are meticulously tested and examined by security experts to ensure they are safe to use and there is no risk when using them.

BlockCAT applications

BlockCAT smart contracts are meant to be used for the following applications.

  • It is meant to ensure that people can safely purchase things online. Smart contracts will ensure that both buyers and sellers uphold their agreement so they can receive the goods and funds.
  • Currently, platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are popular for providing funds for entrepreneurs. However, there is no system in place to ensure that the project creators are accountable. Using BlockCAT, the entrepreneurs will be accountable for the funds they use. The increase in accountability of the project creators will make investors more confident in investing in projects since they will be sure to get returns.
  • Traditional polling systems face many threats since they operate off a centralized system. Using smart contracts as polls will make the process more transparent as the system will be operated autonomously, and there will be little risk of the results being manipulated. Anyone can also audit the results independently eliminating the need to manually program each poll.
  • An online auction is an area vulnerable to attack especially since it carries valuable information. Smart contracts will ensure that the entire process is monitored and both parties uphold their end of the bargain before the contract is executed. The auction will be done in a transparent way that is fair to everyone.

BlockCAT Conclusion

BlockCAT smart contract technology will make it easier for people to migrate to the world of cryptocurrencies with ease. The security measures in place will ensure that all information in the system is safe from manipulation. Digital transactions have already been made easier with the presence of smart contracts, and technology continues to become more accessible, due in no small part to technologies like BlockCat.

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