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Blockcerts lets you base your credentials on the blockchain. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Blockcerts?

Blockcerts, found online at, lets you own and share your achievements using blockchain technology. With Blockcerts, your official records can be yours forever, as verified by the blockchain.

Some of the potential uses for Blockcerts include storing your academic certificates or professional certifications on the blockchain. You can also use Blockcerts to store government documents or other official materials.

Whenever you need to access these documents or prove your certifications, you can check the blockchain.

How Does Blockcerts Work?

Blockcerts lets you digitally receive and share your records using secure blockchain technology.

Here’s the basic process you use to interact with Blockcerts:

Step 1) Download the Blockcerts mobile app and setup your private passphrase

Step 2) Ask your institution to issue your records using Blockcerts (institutions are free to add Blockcerts certification via the open standard)

Step 3) Your institution will invite you to connect via the Blockcerts mobile app; or, you can add different issuers to your app manually to receive credentials

Step 4) Once connected, you’ll be able to receive digital records from your institution and import them directly into your mobile device; you can receive, hold, and share your credentials at any time

The end result is a blockchain-based permanent record of your learning and achievements.

Once your records and documents are on the Blockcerts blockchain, anyone can verify them using With a single click, the user can compare your document’s unique digital fingerprint with the version uploaded to the blockchain.

This allows the employer, institution, bank, or whoever else to verify your certifications in seconds with a single click. Blockcerts calls this verification system the “Blockcerts Universal Verifier”.

Blockcerts is available today for iOS and Android.

Blockcerts also offers an open standard for blockchain credentials. Developers can use this open standard to build apps that issue and verify blockchain-based records. Some of the potential apps that can be developed using the Blockcerts open standard include blockchain-based records for academic credentials, professional certificates, workforce development, and civic records. The open standard is available under the MIT license.

What Problems Does Blockcerts Seek to Solve?

Blockcerts seeks to solve several major problems in today’s marketplace:

  • When we need to prove credentials or verify academic history, we have to pay institutions for access to our own records. You may need to pay your college to submit transcripts, for example, or pay a credentialing institution to verify your certification.
  • It can take a long time to verify your credentials. You may have to wait for the institution to respond. It can take several days for your credentials verification to arrive.
  • It’s difficult to trust someone’s credentials at face value. Someone might have an impressive resume or CV, but it’s difficult to verify all of the information within that CV. Employers need to individually verify each certification, for example, or trust that the employee is being truthful.
  • Accessing important documents is time-consuming and inefficient. You may need to access important government documents or registration information, but it could take time and money.

Ultimately, Blockcerts seeks to solve all of these inefficiencies within the existing marketplace.

Who’s Behind Blockcerts?

The initial design and development of Blockcerts was led by two organizations at MIT, including Media Lab and Learning Machine.


Blockcerts is a blockchain-based credentialing system that lets anyone own and share their achievements. Using the Blockcerts blockchain, you can upload your official documents, certifications, and academic credentials to a distributed network, then verify your ownership of those credentials with a single click.

Blockcerts is available as an open standard under the MIT license. Developers are encouraged to build apps using the standard, allowing for the blockchain-based verification of academic credentials, professional certificates, workforce development, and civic records.

To learn more about Blockcerts, visit online today at

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