Blockchain Alliance

Blockchain Alliance advertises itself as an “investment cryptocurrency trading center” that provides monthly ROI of 12% to 18% on investor deposits. Blockchain Alliance claims to accomplish this by trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Blockchain Alliance also offers a commission-based affiliate recruitment program.

What Is Blockchain Alliance?

There’s nothing on the Blockchain Alliance site that reveals who’s behind the company as far as the identity of a single person. The company itself is registered to an address in Belize City, Belize; in turn, Blockchain Alliance is owned by LM Capital SA, a holding company in the Marshall Islands. There’s no other information about this holding company that we’ve been able to find.

The only name of an individual we’ve been able to find associated with Blockchain Alliance is that of Yang Barrou, the registrant on the site’s registration information. The address matches the Belize address listed on the Blockchain Alliance site. We’ve also been unable to locate any additional information on this Yang Barrou.

Blockchain Alliance Product

There are five different investment packages offered by Blockchain Alliance, differentiated by minimum deposit, length of term, and percentage ROI. These five packages are:

  • Prima – 12% monthly ROI, 90 day term, $100 minimum, $499 maximum
  • Liberalis – 14% monthly ROI, 180 day term, $500 minimum, $1999 maximum
  • Mira – 16% monthly ROI, 270 day term, $2000 minimum, $4999 maximum
  • Ferox – 18% monthly ROI, 365 day term, $5000 minimum, $15,000 maximum
  • Luxuria – 18% monthly ROI, 365 day term, $5000 minimum, $15,000 maximum

Investors can make deposits into Blockchain Alliance through several different payment processors, including Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Yandex Money, AdvCash, and Qiwi Wallet.

Blockchain Alliance Opportunity

In addition to its high yield investment programs (HYIPs), Blockchain Alliance also offers a multi-tiered affiliate recruitment scheme.

Initial affiliates qualify for commissions on direct recruits and second level recruits at a rate of 5% and 2% respectively. More accomplished affiliates – investors who have invested between $3000 and $14,999 – unlock a third level of recruitment commission at 1%.

Investors with $15,000 to $99,000 in the system increase their commission percentages to 7%, 2%, and 1% respectively. They also receive an additional 2% on deeper branches of their recruitment “tree.”

Meanwhile, investors that meet $100,000 and $300,000 thresholds continue to receive additional bonus percentage on deeper recruitment.

Blockchain Alliance Conlusion

There’s plenty of problems with Blockchain Alliance, over and above the fact that we really don’t know who’s behind the company. There’s also the fact that there’s no verifiable proof presented that Blockchain Alliance actually makes money in the way it claims to – by investing in the cryptocurrency market and playing crypto exchanges.

With no evidence of revenue coming in from outside sources, the only way Blockchain Alliance makes money is through investor deposits. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul isn’t a stable business model, and Blockchain Alliance will eventually collapse once its ROI obligations outpace its new investment revenue.

This might take a while, considering the length of the maturation terms on its investments, but it will happen eventually.

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