Next week, on the 21st February, The Netherlands will host the Blockchain and Bitcoin conference. Thu Dutch country joins Russia, Ukraine and Cyprus as the nations to have had this renowned convention on their territory. Next on the list are Estonia and Philippines, which will get the honor after the Swiss.

The meeting brings together elite minds from the cryptocurrency industry, prominent personalities as well as successful investors, legal experts, entrepreneurs and developers of blockchain technology. These professionals will exchange ideas and perspectives with an objective of deriving mechanisms through which the blockchain technology can be improved.

The main items on the agenda include, crypto market analysis, how to use Fintech to assist in investments, blockchain and bitcoin prospects, latest regulatory modifications and technical aspects of implementing smart technology. During the conference, French and English will be the official languages. The meeting will commence at 10 am and run for 8 hours.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Order Of Events

9:00 am – delegates register for the meeting. Morning coffee is also served during this period

10:00 am – moderator issues welcoming statements and officially opens the meeting

10:05 am – first speaker takes the stage. Topic of discussion will be “e-Voting using blockchain’ and ‘how to make digital economy all-encompassing’.

10:25 am – second speaker will discuss how initial coin offerings are challenging venture capitals in funding of upcoming enterprises.

10:45 am – third speaker will examine the existing financial systems and point out the masked risks as well as the hidden potential of investing in alternative currencies such as bitcoin.

11:05 am – fourth speaker will issues insider tips on how to make your crowdsale prosperous and outstanding.

11:25 am – fifth speaker will talk on how to seamlessly integrate crypto on wealth management with utmost safety.

11:45 am – sixth speaker will talk on the opportunities and risks of smart contracts.

12:05 pm – a senior consultant will discuss the blockchain economy.

12:30 pm – eighth speaker will issue a speech on the promising future of Bitshares and how it will be the core of decentralized systems.

1:00 pm – lunch break

2:00 pm – panel discussion on the nature of laws governing ICOs and blockchain in Switzerland and other member nations of the European Union.

2:45 pm –ninth speaker will discuss the benefits of self-regulated crowdsales.

3:05 pm – tenth speaker will talk on non-bankable tokenized assets as a new means of wealth creation.

3:30 pm – the speaker will highlight the necessity of blockchain institutions complying to international tax regulations.

4:00 pm – the contentious issue of choosing either euphoria or money will be discussed.

4:30 pm – thirteenth speaker will elaborate on the transparency resulting from the adoption of blockchain technology.

5:00 pm – fourteenth speaker will debunk all the myths surrounding crypto wallets.

5:50 pm – the last speaker will talk on the looming possibility of governments starting to regulate blockchain firms.

6:00 pm – moderator will summarize the meeting’s agenda and issue a closing remark.

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