Blockchain Board Of Derivatives

Constructed on the Ethereum dispersed blockchain, the Dublin-based Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) is intended to be the world's very first, autonomous, on-chain derivatives implementation platform, which permits trading cryptocurrency with intelligent derivatives contracts (futures and options) with higher liquidity and unprecedented safety.

The group came to realize, that cryptocurrency holders, right now, require a secure and extremely liquid derivatives marketplace using a record service for its rising amount of electronic tokens.

Backed by cryptography researchers at the National University of Singapore and National Quantum Information Centre (University of Gdansk), BBOD asserts to supply secure on-chain encryption of all sensitive transaction information such as volume and price by using elliptic curves post-quantum cryptography, that will be protected against all known quantum algorithms. This option protects members from misuse by greedy miners and front-running.

Besides trading assistance, BBOD provides a readily accessible alternative, which enables all members to record their Assets on the auction marketplace, either to ease derivatives trading or physically convert tokens.

Roadmap For the Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD)

Right after the token pre-sale, the team will take all actions to ease BBD tokens trading.

The system's roadmap lays out its future route to create a single place for cryptocurrency owners to exchange derivatives, convert cryptocurrencies and list new and present tokens available on the marketplace.

The preview version of the application has been published at the end of September 2017 and consumers can trade options and futures together with the BBOD Ether indicator as an inherent asset.

The Blockchain Board of Assets (BBOD) and its unmatched safety and liquidity improving methods is an absolute requirement for anybody who would like to guard their cryptocurrency portfolio from market volatility or simply bet on the markets to either grow or fall.

BBOD Token Pre-Sale and Token Sale

BBOD began its own token pre-sale that started on September 22nd at 8AM GMT and continued for 48 hours, offering 40,000 BBD tokens for early investors at 50% reduction (1 BBD = 0.5 ETH).

Later on, BBOD then ran its own token sale starting on 1 October at 8AM GMT and continued for 14 days offering 200,000 BBD tokens at terminal reduction ranging from 40 percent to 0 percent.

BBOD Team Members

  • Piotr Arendarski, Ph.D — Founder, Finance
  • Krzysztof Urbanowicz, Ph.D — Creator, Econophysics
  • Marcin Pawłowski, Ph.D — Quantum Cybersecurity
  • Andrzej Urbanowicz — Software Architect
  • Paweł Urbanowicz — Software Development
  • Hubert Olszewski — Founder, Marketing and P&R
  • Michał Żadkowski- Internet Design, UI Expertise
  • Jakub Ruczyński — Web Developer
  • Mateusz Kara — Legal Advisor


  • Prof. Janusz Hołyst — Econophysics, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Alexandros Agapitos, Ph.D — Machine Learning
  • Junghee Ryu, Ph.D — Quantum Cybersecurity, National University of Singapore
  • Vladimir Dubinko, Ph.D — Quantum Physics, Quantum Gravity Research
  • Yoshiharu “Josh” Sato — Algorithmic & High-Frequency Trader
  • Quant Technology — Technology Partner, Research-Driven Technology Company


The Blockchain Board of Derivatives aims to secure the Blockchain from the malicious use of quantum computing. More details on the progress of the project can be read on company’s website.

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