Blockchain Copyright Solutions For Journalists To Be Created By NEM Foundation In Argentina

NEM Foundation has signed a MoU with CISPREN, a local trade union of journalists in Argentina to develop a blockchain based solution for copyright protection. They hope to solve the problems of content theft and failure in paying royalties.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Singapore with members across the globe. The Foundation is dedicated to the ongoing development of NEM blockchain technology and the promotion of a vibrant ecosystem of NEM users and developers in governments, academia, industry, and the public at large. The NEM blockchain software is used in a commercial blockchain called Mijin, which is being tested by financial institutions and private companies in Japan and internationally.

According to the press officer of FNEM Argentina, Germán Guismondi, there are no current options that are ideal for the process. He said:

“For now to keep content in Blockchain you have to make several movements: register on the platform or wallet, upload the article, receive the hash or apostille document … We know that each extra movement of the mouse lowers the number of users who are encouraged to carry the process out. The interface is always an impediment for the user, the ideal interface is when the action is executed without an interface “

When asked about the features and usability of the finished outcome, he continued:

“The characteristics of our final product will be: serve to verify the authorship of the piece of content, being the moment of creation and the type of content the most important aspects and a interface so usable that you can save documents in Blockchain with a single click. And all this without diminishing the speed of the process of publishing the content.”

NEM is not the first organization to try to solve this problem. In October 2018, Forbes partnered with blockchain-based platform Civil with an aim to publish content on a decentralized platform.

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