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Crypto Game Blockchain Cuties to Introduce Personalized Artist-Designed Avatars

The Blockchain is to set fire with its unique gaming experience as it recently launched Blockchain Cuties. It’s a next level gaming experience. This game is very simple to access and no need to follow the multistep to play this game. This game is supported in Safari and Microsoft Edge.

It has also added a wallet feature inside the game which is for the users who all are new to the market or for them who are tired of installing additional extensions to play. It is helpful for others not only to play the game but also use the wallets to trade assets on the desktop and mobile. Blockchain Cuties are also planning for the ultra-customized avatars that are to be there in the wallet for the users.

This game creates a lookalike avatar of the users by choosing any favorite characters or by uploading a photograph of themselves which will be converted into a cartoon avatar. For creating or choosing any avatars the user’s needs to go through a bidding process which starts with a 50% off sale in first-two weeks. So the winners from the bidding process will be provided the lists of characters like cats, dogs, bears, foxes etc and will be blended with the photograph of the users to get a perfect outcome as a Cutie.

In the launch of upcoming Blockchain Cuties known as Rapid Bosses, the players can do battles against their enemies on quests. Players who win the battle will contribute his victory for the group and the winning players will be further separated in a pool for the allocation of the rare tokens as a prize offered. The rare tokens can be used by the winners to buy the gears in the Rapid Boss Store.

What Is Blockchain Cuties?

Blockchain cuties is a virtual pet game where the players can own their own cuties (Pets) and have a standard difficulty level which the players have to clear the levels to unlock the cuties or avatars and achievements. This game helps the users to earn cryptocurrency.

Throughout the game, the user can sell his/her cuties or exchange it for cryptocurrencies to buy other cuties. There are no limits to own cuties and players can have it unlimited. The agenda of the game is to make your cuties stronger by breeding them, tests their skills in battles and also increase their skills to fight a stronger cutie for earning a higher level in the game.

The battle has to take place against an opponent over the multiplayer mode and then it will be decided whose cuties are stronger. The winners of the battle will be rewarded rare tokens from which they can make their cuties customized and make some enhancement in their skills to help Cuties level up. This game is on the news everywhere making everyone go crazy.

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