Cybersecurity from a Blockchain Standpoint

Cybersecurity From A Blockchain Standpoint

 Endless amounts of data are continually transferred across the internet every day. There's an entire world of data online, used to create ecosystems and environments for the communities surrounding them. Massive virtual landscapes are used to create anything you can imagine, making the need for cybersecurity essential.

The risk is inevitable; there's so much data transferred an incredible rate that is impossible stop all forms of fraud and hacking. Just as the internet is full of useful data, it is also full have enough illicit activity to fill up many prisons. Most people online are good-hearted, only using the internet the gather information, connect with friends or to make money in ethical ways. However, the small amount of people committing fraud or taking other legal actions is enough to put the vulnerable people and the naive at enormous risk.

Users online who are technological specialist can use their knowledge to exploit others for money, data or other valuable resources. These cyber-criminals operate on a worldwide scale, hacking everything from Facebook, the different banks, the credit providers so that they can perform legal actions like identity theft and fraud.

Unfortunately, sometimes data is sold or traded by the brands we've come to trust. The same social media giants and data providers have been caught, selling or giving away information to the highest bidder.

Cyber hackers are continually attempting to cheat the system, finding new ways to commit fraud. Security online is there for one of the most critical aspects for any company that is involved with big data. Not only data is at risk, so are the digital assets we use or store online, like cryptocurrency and other pieces of information. Risk makes the need for blockchain technology more important than it ever has been.

Luckily, there is continuously new technology for security created on a consistent basis. However, just as there is new technology to protect people developed every day, there are also new methods created by cyber criminals that circumvent it as well. Black hat tactics I just come to be called, are shady underground methods used to commit fraud, theft and other more illicit activities online. Stealing cryptocurrency has been a significant problem since the beginning of the industry, remember MT. GOX and the hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars lost during that unfortunate event.

Cryptocurrency still new, security is still being developed, so it is incredibly volatile. High spikes ins price and fast plummets, make urgency essential when trading cryptocurrency. With urgency can come a lot of panics or human error, making cyber fraud even more accessible. Regulations for cryptocurrency are still unknown, the United States, for example, has only begun to consider regulating cryptocurrency from a government perspective. Most officials in office see the currency unstable, shaking it off as an unfortunate trend.

There's no denying cryptocurrency is in a type of bubble that could soon burst, unless regulations get completed. A majority of cryptocurrency companies want to see regulations, knowing market maturity needs it. Cybersecurity isn't perfect; the need to decipher the current problems within the sphere is of great importance for blockchain technology a cryptocurrency. Otherwise, there's a strong possibility cryptocurrency won't survive.

As of now, there are too many different types of how security protocols used. So many systems in place confuse the mainstream users. Quality versus quantity is the adage that comes to mind because the quantity of security solutions is absurd and the quality of most is low.

Cybersecurity solutions need to clean house to get rid of all the low-quality protocols on the market. The industry has become based more on advertising and money making than actually protecting people.  Making money could be one reason the giant security companies we are all familiar with despise mainstream blockchain usage. Most would rather see people get viruses on their computers or malware; they can continue to sell them cheaply designed, low-quality security products.

With so many different products to choose from online or in stores, can be hard to pick which one is the best. When in reality, most of them are garbage I cannot protect you from real cyber attacks. Also, how can people who don't fully understand how security protocols work, expected to choose the right solution? Different needs call for different measures and choosing the right measure is hard when you don't fully understand the need. Everyday people shouldn't be expected to know how to diagnose security issues I picked the right product. They should be able to rely upon home security companies to operate ethically, to give them the right solution for their problem.

Hence blockchain technology which is entirely transparent, authentic, ethical and designed to meet the exact needs of the user. Blockchain technology has hit the world of digital security as a type of clean sweep, wiping out lousy company practices hazy methods used to stop cyber attacks. A proactive resolution has become the central theme for blockchain-based security companies who are now changing the way the game plays out.

Best practices operate blockchain technology, like preventative measures, which can detect fraud four threats at its earliest stages. The new early warning detection systems, are starting to make the internet safer for everyday people, which should be the real goal of any cybersecurity protocol. Blockchain technology also forces updates, meaning security protocols can't be old and outdated which is one of the most significant problems the industry has faced in recent years.

More clarity on how blockchain technology works is a must. Most people don't even know what it is and the ones that think they do, usually don't. Understanding of all technology used is essential by the people operating the systems. Companies need to provide more information and training for people who are looking to protect themselves or their data. Otherwise, how can I expect to choose the right security product? Many companies claim to be a cybersecurity specialist, who has no business being in that sector at all. False promises are the exact reason why people need to make sure they research the companies they are considering to look to you for protection. To put it bluntly, let's a person does their research into a security company, they better not expect to be adequately protected online.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to protect the individual or big business, all solutions need research. Also, the fact remains that there is never going to be a straightforward security protocol which can protect everything. There are just too many different organizations, International regulations and security protocols of different types, to make one universal product. However, there are companies like Penta Security Systems of South Korea, who are attempting to make security products which keep individuals as close to safe as possible.

Companies like Penta have decades of experience and endless resources at their disposal to create the best security systems in the world. They are backed by governments major financial groups or other necessary investors who give them the capital they need perform accurate research and development. The most dedicated security companies design technology to protect people on every level, from phishing the outright cyber attacks. Only companies who are back by government entities or well-known, trusted technology leaders should be trusted.

In conclusion, cybersecurity needs to be looked at differently than it ever has because with new technology comes new types of attacks. Plus, the number of cybersecurity companies needs to be cut down, putting more focus on quality rather than quantity. Most of it is built on blockchain technology, allowing for the most secure systems to provide honesty and transparency. Hopefully, by following the rules of the blockchain, people now feel safer while online.

How can cybersecurity be improved? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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