Blockchain & FutureTech Expo

What Is The Blockchain & FutureTech Expo?

This is a new blockchain and FutureTech Expo, you can get questions on it answered by calling 888-448-4590. It’s going from September 14-16th of 2018. And it’s going to have more than 5,000 attendees who will be at the expo. It will be held at Kay Bailey Hutchison Dallas Convention Center. This is considered to be a city-wide event and you can register at

How Does the Blockchain & FutureTech Expo Work?

The Blockchain & FutureTech Expo is focused on the new economic revolution that is happening right now. With the governments of the world cracking down on the cryptocurrencies of the world, the smarted people of finance and investing are taking blockchain technology into different sectors of the economy. And they are starting to combine it with other emerging tech’s that just a few months ago could not be conceived of.

There are literally trillions of dollars in wealth that can be won or lost. It’s disruption on a scale that is considered to be two sided. If you’re smart one the right side of everything, you can get extremely wealthy during the chaos. That’s exactly how the big names of the world get rich and make massive fortunes. When there is disruption, like happens every now and then – people sometimes place bets on the wrong side.

The people who are risk takers and become experts in different fields like Bitcoin will be the ones to make history. And since blockchain technology is entering mainstream eyes, the big problems will be emerging it with the technologies already on the market.

And that is exactly why they are running the event with more than 5,000 people projected to come. Over 70 different experts will speak along side the more than 100 exhibitors who are developing blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, cyber security, hacking, quantum computing, 3d printing, and virtual reality.

They will speak about ICOs, blockchain technology and more. The expo promises to be a rich and diverse crowd of enthusiasts and experts in the cryptocurrency space. It will be a profitable event for anyone who attends.

Blockchain & FutureTech Expo Conclusion

If you’re a cryptocurrency specialists or enthusiast, then the Blockchain & FutureTech Expo is the perfect place for you to learn the most cutting-edge ideas about the industry. They will cover everything you can imagine that is related to the technologies and industry. Learn more or get registered at

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