Undeniably, blockchain technology has opened up a world of possibilities; it seamlessly articulates with the existing technologies to create revolutionary projects. Most recently, blockchain combined with hardware and software to craft a Web 3.0 platform that bolsters security, privacy, ownership, and above all users have an elevated control over their digital lifestyles.

The Web 3.0 ecosystem is a s result of a collaboration between two Utah-based tech firms, Daplie and ClearCenter. As mentioned earlier, the platform is centered towards improving and empowering customers to take control over their digital presence. The system will leverage ClearCenter’s experience in developing cutting-edge OS (ClearOS) as well as Daplie’s decentralized home server (Daplie Connect). Thus, the platform will be an amalgamation of ClearOS’ superior networks and Connect’s peer-to-peer connections to provide universally accessible internet services.

Michael Proper, ClearCenter’s CEO, could not hide his excitement during the announcement. He expressed that both partners firmly believe in the essentiality of incorporating blockchain technology as the basis for future innovations. Mike reiterated the projects key objective, saying that the user-centric platform is aimed at giving control directly to the consumers.

The platform will feature an inbuilt marketplace whose purpose is to eliminate guesswork, a trend that is common among traders looking to install reputable decentralized apps (Dapps). Currently, the aforementioned conjecture is not only time-consuming but also an exasperating experience. The proposed ecosystem will enable users to easily access a vast Dapps library that offers safer and more confidential alternatives to conventional centralized apps. Here, the Daplie Connect home server will assume the role of hub through which clients reach out to the network.

Bryson Hill, Daplie’s founder, hailed the move as a first in the Web industry, following in the steps of Fortune 500 companies in adopting blockchain technology. He added that blockchain is the future, saying that before long it will be the cornerstone technology running all devices around human beings.

ClearCenter has already delved into the crypto space, having successfully conducted an ICO. Daplie intends to do the same next month, launching a utility token known as DAP.

Under the new ecosystem, the Daplie Connect home server will release a new version with upgraded and additional specifications. Such include, private key management with inbuilt digital wallets, secure file management, 20TB cloud storage and two extra USB ports. Presently, Daplie is accepting pre-orders for home severs loaded with ClearOS. The product is expected to hit the market later this year.

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