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Over time, the application of blockchain technology has extended beyond the financial industry where it all began. Nowadays, nearly all sectors of global economy are leveraging this nascent technology to solve problems that previously seemed unsolvable. The most prevalent use of blockchain technology is tokenization of assets, after which startups issue tokens during ICOs as an alternative means to conventional fundraising methods.

What Is Blockchain Hub Consult?

Blockchain Hub Consultancy provides advisory services to companies that are looking to embrace blockchain technology as a part of their operations. The firm is backed with an experienced team of experts with in-depth knowledge of the technology. Using these skills, Blockchain Hub Consultancy significantly lowers the barrier of entry and assists their clients in achieving their goals.

Blockchain Hub Consult ICO Business Advice Service

The company offers consultancy services concerning the following:

Complete ICO Package

Currently, Blockchain Hub is the only consultancy firm that offers a complete ICO package, covering both technological and legal aspects. Some of the services offered with regard to ICOs include:

  • Concept building and ideation
  • Marketing and media outreach
  • Programming and development
  • Vertical targeting
  • Technology implementation
  • Leal compliance
  • Whitepaper drafting
  • Crowdsale management

Cryptocurrency Exchanges And Blockchain

Blockchain Hub uses the Hyperledger framework as well as Smart Contracts to develop cutting-edge blockchain solutions for its clients. In addition to being customizable, the DApps are constantly upgraded to guarantee smooth operability and to reinforce security.

Blockchain For Enterprise

The vastly experienced Blockchain Hub Consultancy team thoroughly analyzes, develops and evaluates block-based solution to its clientele. Afterwards, the experts provide an unrivaled aftersales experience, including maintenance and customer support.

Blockchain For Study And Academia

This company also provides educational services to clients looking to get knowledge of the blockchain technology. The curriculum is regularly updated to keep up with the constant changes that take place with regard to the technology. Lessons are delivered through seminars, conferences on Skype video sessions.

Blockchain Technology For Countries

As mentioned earlier, blockchain technology is applicable in numerous disciplines, an aspect that makes it a useful tool for governments. Blockchain Consultancy will assist nations in embracing the disruptive blockchain technology, eliminating vices such as fraud and embezzlement of funds as a result.

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