Blockchain Job

Blockchain Job is a simple, no-frills career board, specifically for individuals interested in working within the cryptocurrency community in some capacity, whether that be as a programmer, a journalist, a financial analyst, or any other specific role related to the world of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

What Is Blockchain Job?

Blockchain Job was created by Ben Tossell, a UK-based developer and entrepreneur that created the service as part of a personal challenge to make 10 “mini-startups” in 24 hours, spread across five days. True to his word, Tossell has also created nine other of these mini-startups, many of which deal with the cryptocurrency community, legal and resource guides for startups, and some other quirky sites including a marketplace for artwork created by artificial intelligence.

This entire challenge looks to be a promotional stunt for Tossell to promote his new “MVP maker” service, Day Dot. The company is currently in pre-launch and is likely using these 10 quickly constructed startups as proof-of-concept and for its portfolio.

Blockchain Job Product

The Blockchain Job product is more of a service designed to make it easy for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to find employment in their chosen field or in tangential but related ones. The service, which initially cost $69 to post an ad for a period of 30 days, has since transitioned to a free model supported by advertising revenue.

The site is no-frills but straightforward, offering individuals to post jobs of their own or browse previously posted jobs. Some of the positions posted include career opportunities at major, well-respected blockchain sites like CoinDesk and Coinbase, while others represent opportunities at new blockchain startups. Job listings are not localized but instead global, though the site seems to use the English language exclusively.

Blockchain Job Opportunity

The opportunities presented by Blockchain Job are two-fold and rather self-explanatory: you can either post a job opening on behalf of your current place of employment in the blockchain industry, or you can browse the open positions listed if you’re looking for a new position of your own.

Other than that, there’s little to say about Blockchain Job. It’s straightforward, uncomplicated, and extremely no-frills. The only other content on the site besides the job list are a few text ads for major blockchain outfits.

Blockchain Job Verdict

As a career resource for the blockchain industry, Blockchain Job is utilitarian but extremely Spartan. It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that mainstream career sites like Monster or CareerBuilder have, which limits its functionality, but it does have a laser focus on the blockchain industry, representing truth in advertising rather well.

What’s unclear is whether Blockchain Job is going to be a useful resource. While anyone can post job listings thanks to its free model, it also means that there’s no way of knowing if these major sites chose to advertise their job openings on it or if Tossell simply populated his proof-of-concept site with publicly available information on open positions at these organizations. Still, as a free service, it’s one worth bookmarking and checking now and again if you’re in the industry.


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