Blockchain Nation

What Is Blockchain Nation Miami?

The Blockchain Nation Conference is an event, which is organized by the Crypto World Journal. It is a platform, which gives newbies and experts of the crypto world an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the world of crypto. You will also be able to learn about the future of the regulatory environment at this conference. At this conference, you will get an opportunity to interact with over 3000 attendees and more than 75 speakers.

Blockchain Nation Miami Opportunity For Innovators

This conference will provide a unique branding opportunity for innovators and enthusiasts in the industry. They will also have the chance to put their project at the fore of the minds of investors and experts in the industry. Those that are attending the conference include experts, influential government officials, leading legal minds in the industry, executives, entrepreneurs, and many others. If you are not able to get there physically, do not worry. The event is going to be streamed on the internet and be televised.

Blockchain Nation Miami Event Topics

Some of the issues to be covered at this conference include the use of the blockchain, issues to do with cybersecurity, regulation and compliance challenges, innovation and entrepreneurship in the sector, the role of women in the blockchain, and youth empowerment and education on blockchain issues. Other issues that will be discussed include global investment strategies for those involved in the blockchain, the application of the blockchain to renewable energy, and AI.

Why Blockchain Nation Miami Conference Matters

The Blockchain Nation conference is important because some of the biggest names in the world of crypto will be taking part. This includes Daymond John, a world-famous entrepreneur and speaker. John McAfee, the ant-virus software pioneer, Jim Rogers, the famous investor, Frank Abagnale, world-famous speaker, Cindy Whitehead, serial entrepreneur, Andrew Filipowski, co-founder and CEO of Fluree, Ronnie Moas, director and founder of Standpoint research, and many others. Getting all of these famous names in one conference is a superhuman feat. You can be assured that it will be very hard to find this collection of experts together again at any other conference this year.

This single gathering has been touted as the most entertaining, educational, and productive conferences ever on the blockchain. Not only will there be great speakers but also the issues that will be discussed have been picked carefully. This will ensure that you get only the most relevant knowledge, which you need to stay ahead of the curve in the world of crypto.

The combined worth of those that will attend the conference and give speeches is in the billions of dollars. Quite a good number of them have made their fortune, thanks to the boom of crypto. If you have a good idea and manage to pitch it to them, there is a good chance that they might contact you later. If you would like to sponsor the event and get your brand out there, get in touch with the organizers.

Blockchain Nation Miami Venue Details

The conference will take place at the Kovens Conference Center Miami, FL. It will take place from April 25 to April 26, 2018. Doors are open at 7 AM.

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