Smart machines have increasingly become a part of our daily lives which makes machine learning innovations one of the biggest agents of change. Currently, process of machine learning is centralized with large companies like Google flexing their great computing muscles to create the ecosystem for AI improvement. They have to spend enormous resources to build and improve this ecosystem and this centralization of resources has led to the progress of AI slowing down.

Blockchain Neural System(BNS) wants to decentralize the process of machine learning and fundamentally change the Artificial Intelligence market.

What Is BlockChain Neural System?

BNS lets organization and regular users to create and train neural networks, which could be used to further create artificial intelligence for their tasks. People all around the world are mining cryptocurrencies for financial benefits but BNS uses miners for creating Artificial Neural Network. They want to offer a universal tool, creating the artificial neural networks and artificial intelligence for customer’s needs. The customers can be Miners, Clients and Developers.

  • Miners get increased revenues since the payment for machine learning services will be made in cryptocurrency, which will allow people to engage in GPU mining to continue to earn ETH even after it moves to POS. Hybrid mining gives miners the opportunity to earn 25% more than mining other cryptocurrencies.
  • Clients get more accessible AI training for cheap rates and fantastic computing power. As a matter of fact BNS rates are about 15 times lower than Google, Microsoft or Amazon.
  • Developers can use BNS SmartStore for visibility, promotion and monetization of their products.

This helps in the complete automation of machine learning as you don’t need expensive specialists anymore.

BNS Artificial Intelligence Trading Advantages

AI Training Price:

BNS offers an extremely affordable price of $0.10/hour for ANN training. This doesn’t include the additional benefits of automation and accessibility that saves a lot of financial and human resources.

Computing Power:

They provide huge computing power for ANN training. A network of miners with a total performance of 20,000 PFLOPS allows them to create the first artificial intelligence network comparable to human brain.

Ease Of Use:

AI, just the hearing the word sends shivers down an amateur’s spines. BNS wants to make a simple interface for AI creation so that even a non-professional user can create an ANN. Once the user provides sufficient training data, they will create and train the optimal ANN to meet users requirements.

BNS Smartstore:

BNS provides a store which is like the App Store or Google Play but which only has smart applications and services built with the help of ANN. This will be an exceptional tool for AI developers to increase monetization and promotion of their application.


Decentralization and Privacy is ensured through the implementation of smart contracts. This allows an independence and autonomy from a third party.

Unlimited Potential:

We, as a species have barely scratched the surface of AI. It is a huge industry where ANN can be implemented almost everywhere. This provides almost a limitless base of potential customers.

BlockChain Neural System Conclusion

There are no projects or organizations who don’t use machine learning in some form or the other. Now companies and individuals won't need to create the ecosystem for every particular AI. All they need to do is to import the training set to the BNS server. This makes BNS a unique and revolutionary project.

Find out more about their project on their website

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