blockchain race for outer space

Humankind has spent little time in space; we barely know anything about it – in the past governments have placed little focus on exploring it – leaving it a type of enigma. It's only been in recent years that people like Elon Musk have started exploring it. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency giving more people the ability to expand into the darkness of space.

Now being used by NASA, the military, and other government agencies who facilitate missions to space. It turns out that blockchain technology is ideal for managing tasks in space from Ground Control, and deep space missions on the vessels themselves.

NASA was the first to get involved with blockchain technology, funny projects by the resilient networking and Computing paradigm – a program that uses blockchain technology an AI to eliminate for human computation. The new system is based blockchain smart contracts that apply directly to difficulties found in space.

It's ideal for deep space exploration according to doctor Jin Wei Kocsis of Akron University. Blockchain technology is being used warning detection system against external and environmental threats, so the astronauts controlling the space shuttles avoid them automatically while performing other essential tasks. Scientist on space shuttles in space will also have more time and data because of the automation performed by the technology within the blockchain system.

The European Space Agency has also been using blockchain technology the streamline processes within their administration, going a completely different route than NASA. The hope is that they can come together after they both tackled their needs and combine forces to help each other significantly improve and in space.

Being explored by civilians now like Elon Musk and SpaceX, who are currently investigating blockchain for use within satellites that can operate at low-cost decentralized networks. Several startup companies are venturing into the unknown.

The first of which is space Central out of Singapore working closely with NASA begin 3D printing on the moon, to improve the settler’s ability to live there. Space chain is another startup which is working to improve how blockchain can work for organizations like NASA and ESA. They operate on a decentralized network they are looking to incorporate into some of NASA satellites.

Blockstream and Nexus are two more company’s poor looking to improve technology sweat every person on Earth perform transactions. Nexus is explicitly creating the world's first three-dimensional blockchain to be used on satellites in low orbit. Lastly all the companies Keen to make internet reliable and affordable for everyone across the globe.

What other uses can NASA have for blockchain technology? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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