Blockchain Tech Congress

A congress, which will take place in March 2018, wants to talk about the blockchain. There is no doubt that blockchain is going to change the world. Its uses will go further than just crypto coins. It will affect the very way in which economies function, just the internet once did. Some of the issues to be discussed include how ICOs and tokenization are changing the ways in which startups get funding for their projects.

Other issues to be discussed will include why it is worth it to invest in crypto coins and if the banks will break. It will also discuss how to recognize a real ICO from a fake money making scheme. The discussion will also center around discussions on how to invest in virtual currencies. Besides that, they will examine the attempts at regulation of the technology and the newly created market.

They will Examine What the Blockchain Really Is

Theoretically, the blockchain is a set of data blocks, which store and send information about every transaction done within the network. These blocks are then arranged chronologically and sent to everyone in the network. The conference will seek to dissect this definition.

This definition is important since the traditional economy is yearning to understand this new technology. At the BlockchainTech Congress, ordinary people will be able to gain a basic understanding of how this technology works. They will also be made aware of the risks that the legal, regulatory environment presents to blockchain users.

At the congress, you will be able to understand its history including why it was made, for whom, if it is safe, and how it affects our reality. You will also be able to learn about the many possibilities of this technology beyond creating new crypto coins. Additionally, you will learn how you can use it to meet the needs of the modern consumers. This congress is targeted at people who just have a small understanding of the blockchain but wish to grow their knowledge.

Themes to Be Covered

One of the themes to be covered at the conference will be smart contracts. These are digital contracts, which are immutable, especially for financial transactions. Some have proposed that these contracts could one day replace lawyers. When a standard for them is found, they will be able to do much of what lawyers do with the click of a button.

Another theme that will be explored is the application of blockchain to other sectors. Right now, much of the focus has been on virtual currencies. However, there are already those exploring its potential use in the financial sector. Besides that, there are those exploring its use in the energy sector.

Some see it as a potential method that can be used to pay for utilities or even the purchase of green energy. These are just some of the solutions it could bring to the energy sector. The discussion will also dive deep into the ICOs.

Thus far, ICOs have been banned in quite a few nations. Potential investors will be advised on how to identify a fake ICO from a real one.

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