The terms Ethureum or blockchain are not new to any Cryptocurrency enthusiast as they happen to be the center of most transactions. Nevertheless, there are still several innovations taking place around the two that require one to refresh their knowledge, if they aspire to be at the front line of success.

What Is Blockchain Traded Funds?

Blockchain Traded Fund is an online blockchain enabled platform that brings together interested Cryptocurrency investors and provides them with appropriate marketplace knowledge to help them in their daily undertakings. Users have to be members of the Token Investment Club, where they can invest in the ecosystem with the use of a virtual currency financial product. Through this, they also get to give back to the society.

Blockchain Traded Funds BFT Token ICO Details

The platform works to foster best relationships with entrepreneurs with a critical focus on the Ethureum blockchain economy. According to the information on the whitepaper, the platform would give 20% of their 1% management fee they charge their investors, back to the society as part of CSR. All interested parties will have to purchase the BTF tokens to take part in transactions 500 BTF tokens are equivalent to 1 ETH, and there are 200,000,000 tokens for release. Investments will be in the form of ICO and Blockchain companies through token purchases.

Additionally, once the ICO part is over, the fund works to increase its value outside the Ethureum platform companies by dividing it into the remaining BTF Tokens to get a Net Asset Value (NAV).Afterward, the site will display the NAV total value for the investment club members daily after 4 pm. Members of the investing club get the right to conduct BTF tokens audits through the Etherscan Audit Trail. Therefore BTF is the ETH money market fund and will be on ETH Blockchain companies’ investment list for the purchase of Bitcoin tokens/Ethereum in startup companies.

Blockchain Traded Funds Investment Club Benefits

With BTF users can be sure to get back their investment values as the platform would only enable the release of ETH when the funds start outside token investments. Through this, there is no chance of returns manipulations as they can also monitor the progress through the Etherscan Audit trail. Also, the tokens are set to trade at premium value and on various exchange platforms on the BTF list after the ICO. And since the activities of the fund won’t be dependent on market timing, the NAV price gains from price hiking manipulations.

Why Should I Invest In Blockchain Traded Funds

Even if the platform comes with definite promises that could interest any investor, there is need to exercise caution in any form of investment. Overall, the site seems well organized with appropriate information in place. We also find their promises realistic thus worth your investment.

Blockchain Traded Funds Conclusion

BTF is an Ethereum blockchain system that works to provide trading information for its investment club members. The platform will make use of BTF tokens as a means of exchange within the ecosystem with a Net Asset Value. However, the BTF ICO is currently on closure during our review.

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