Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin Whitepaper that formed the first block just a decade ago but the blockchain technology has exploded to revolutionize the internet. The biggest players in the blockchain industry is focusing on blockchain as the basis of currency, and for technology applications and research.

As the adoption of Bitcoin grows, it is important that all the interested parties – investors and enthusiasts, learn about the latest developments in the blockchain industry. Blockchainer Karneval is a summit that is continuously looking to connect all the interested participants to discuss and learn about the latest innovations and applications of blockchain on the global platform.

Blockchainer Karneval Summit Highlights

The year 2018 is turning out to be the year the applications and development of blockchain hit a critical moment. Blockchainer was founded to satisfy the need to connect countries including Russia, Australia, Germany, and Switzerland. As big companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba, and Morgan fully embrace the blockchain revolution.

Blockchainer Karneval is assembling community and social organizations to adopt the platform at similar rates.

No matter what questions you may have about blockchain, trust Blockchainer Karneval to connect you with someone with the right answer. Their summit often hosts the top 10 most influential players in the industry and each summit typically spans days. For instance, they can host a summit in Singapore where all the blockchainers can demonstrate and spectate the local application of blockchain.

The Blockchainer Karneval customizes its summit content and presentation to suit the needs of fans, pursuers, institutes, and enterprises. The presenters demonstrate how they can use blockchain to establish new businesses and explore its basic applications in traditional business practices.

Why Attend Blockchainer Karneval Summit

Each of Blockchainer Karneval’s summits is created to cover all the aspects of blockchain. Whether you are a beginner or already know how to build blockchain apps, the summit has something for you to learn. A typical gathering attracts thousands of fans, learners, experts, and entrepreneurs.

The blockchain showcase event’s agenda begins with a Global Blockchain Supervision and Development demonstration and discussion with a focus on how the newest innovations in blockchain are promoting industrialization.

The summit may feature over 20 top exchanges, a handful of sub-forums for showcase sharing and over 50 luxurious booths. At the end of the summit, the participants are treated to a social high-end banquet where business negotiations may be held and new professional networks formed.


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