So, you probably know what blockchain is, right? Do you know what Blockchains is, though? No, we are not talking about more than one single blockchain but about a new company that has appeared on the market recently. Do you wish to know more about it? Just read our review.

What Is Blockchains?

You will probably not be surprised to discover that Blockchains LLC is a company that creates products by using the blockchain technology. The company describes itself as a premier innovator in the blockchain space, one that offers solutions and help to bring new ideas to life.

Basically, the company helps other companies that need to incubate blockchain-based ideas and helps them to jump-start their businesses. This way, the company can change technology and the way that people interact across the world.

The company is focused on financial services, identity solutions for KYC procedures, decentralized apps for the Ethereum blockchain and more. On its site, the company states that the core fundamentals of Blockchains LLC is that it develops and cultivates concepts that could be turned into partnerships and businesses using the blockchain technology to improve people’s lives.

At the moment, the company is expanding. Blockchains has its own offices in Nevada but will be joining other companies like Google, Tesla and Switch on Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC), which is known as the largest industrial park in the world.

The goal of Blockchains LLC is to construct a campus that will have over 300,000 square feet and be able to employ more than a thousand individuals by 2021. Because of this, the company is in need of professionals.

Blockchains Careers

The company is looking for people to work near Reno, Nevada. Blockchains is specifically looking for individuals that are not just satisfied in having a job but want to create a positive impact on society and are clearly talented professionals. The company is looking for diverse candidates, so you can apply if you have years of professional experience or simply a strong desire to become a part of something better.

Blockchains is going to have more than a thousand professionals until 2021, but at the moment, the company is looking for some specific people. They will all work in Sparks, Nevada.

The jobs are Blockchain Developer, FullStack Developer, BackEnd Developer, FrontEnd Developer, Android Developer, IOS Developer, ETH News Writer, ETH News Copy Editor, Customer Service, Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Marketing Specialist and even Chief Operating Officer.

Obviously, the Chief Operating Officer would require years of experience, but the other jobs can be done by all types of professionals.

Blockchains Verdict

If you are looking for a job in the blockchain industry, Blockchains LLC can definitely be a good choice for you because the company is about to grow a lot and there are opening for the people who can prove that they are talented professionals.

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