What Is Blockcities?

Blockcities is a new blockchain protocol that can be used for the tokenization of assets and to administrate smart contracts. This product is focused on the real estate market and can be applied for many different assets and cases. Some of the applications can be in rental management, large development, agriculture, property renovation and more.

This company will be having an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to develop its own marketplace and ecosystem using the blockchain technology. By using the smart contract technology, the company can help you to deal with issues that are generally challenging in the real estate market and get better results.

Also, Blockcities has a voting system that lets you vote on the best designs, technologies and proposals on the network. The process is secure and tamper-proof because it uses the blockchain technology and it is highly efficient.

How Blockcities Blockchain Tokenized Real State Asset Protocol Works

Blockcities works using a tokenization process. In case you are not familiar with the concept, tokenization is when data is transformed into assets by using an encrypted code. This encrypted code, the token, can be used as money or as a security in the market.

Basically, by tokenizing something, you can easily divide an asset, which gives it liquidity to work better, which is something that real estate generally does not have. The company uses a proof of asset protocol and every token is backed by a real asset so you know that they are really worth something.

Whether you want to rent your properties, construct new ones and renew them, you can use this service for management and tokenization of these assets. The code is completely open source and you can use asset tracking to keep your assets always where you can find them, no matter how much of them you have and tokenized.

There are many several features that this company has apart from the tokenization as a service (TaaS). One of them is the smart contract builder, which is certainly one of the most important features of the program because it can be used to create your own custom smart contracts.

Custom smart contracts are important because not every transaction is the same and, by using them, you end up being empowered because it lets you define the rules of your transactions in each case. It can be used on land, residential property, commercial ones and managed agriculture.

To use Blockcities, you can list a request on the blockchain, which will then pass by legal verification via a qualified attorney and will be tokenized after that. The value of the assets will be turned into tokens and these tokens will represent your asset.

Now, individuals and companies from the whole world will be able to buy parts of your assets and get ownership. You want to sell a house but does not have the liquidity? It is very easy, just list on the platform and sell a percentage of it. This way, there will be always people willing to buy shares of properties.

The Blockcities Team

Curious to know who runs the company? The executive team behind this company is formed by Arihant Jain (lead developer), Brian Christensen (CEO), David Giardinelli (CTO) and Dixon Twamley (executive director).

The advisors of Blockcities are Carlos Martinez, David Evans, Earl Robinson, Evan Arteaga, James Greaves, Jeff Crane, Marcus Huggins and Vincent Romney.

Blockcities Token Sale

At the moment, there is no specific date for the token sale of Blockcities. The company has already announced it and you can apply for whitelisting, but that is all. To be whitelisted, you have to verify your identity via a Know Your Customer process and be eligible for participation. You can get more information about the company on the site.

Blockcities Verdict

This is a good technology for the tokenization of assets. If that is your area and you are interested in how the blockchain technology can innovate the area, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for what this company can offer to you at the moment.

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