Blockdaemon is a blockchain platform that offers solutions for deployment, management and connection of nodes for projects that use the blockchain technology. Now, Blockdaemon has announced a new partnership with two companies which have become important in the market recently: Stellar and Quorum.

The two emerging companies decided to use the services offered by Blockdaemon because of the growing need for efficiency and power in blockchain networks. The market requires the companies to be always more efficient, secure and transparent, so having a third party service provider like Blockdaemon can be a good solution for companies which are growing at the moment.

Nodes, which are the specialty of the company, are one of the key elements of blockchain-based networks because they depend on them to validate transactions and complete tasks that are basically vital for the ecosystem to keep existing in a healthy way.

From a development point of view, creating new nodes in a network can be something that is not cost effective to all companies, so outsourcing this work can be a good idea if you need new nodes or node management fast and without having to compromise other resources of your company’s budget with it.

By allowing its clients to connect nodes to their own blockchains and to deploy them easily, Blackdaemon can help companies to lower costs and to save time and manpower. The company does cover a wide range of protocols, including Ethereum and Bitcoin, which are the most popular ones in the market right now, but having some other minor ones as well.

The CEO and founder of Blockdaemon, Konstantin Richter, has affirmed that the company is the only multi-cloud, multi-geo platform in the market for blockchain nodes at the moment, which makes the company unique.

According to him, the main goal of the company is to support other blockchain projects to get a higher level of decentralization and management so they will be really able to succeed their goals in business. The CEO believes that Stellar and Quorum are two leading organizations in the blockchain space and that their systems will be even more effective after they have started to use the technology that Blockdaemon has to offer to them.

About Stellar And Quorum

The Stellar network is a popular distributed hybrid blockchain that uses an open source code to work. It has been on the news a lot lately since its prices have spiked in the last week.

Some people believe that Stellar Lumens (XLM), the cryptocurrency used by the company, can become a leading token in the market because the US-based cryptocurrency Coinbase has announced that it has solid plans to list XLM on its platform, what would probably cause the token to increase its price and get more important.

The infrastructure of the Stellar blockchain permits that the user is able to make cross-asset transfers of value and instant clearing. This way, it looks like a good way to make international payments as easily as sending an email to someone.

Blockdaemon will give full support to Stellar. It will also support Bifrost, which is used for token sales that accept Stellar be able to accept Ethereum and Bitcoin in a seamless way. This way, Blockdaemon hosts and supports many utility and security tokens on the network.

The director of, a software company that commercializes Stellar projects, the cloud-based nodes of Blockdaemon will make Stellar more simple to use and give fuel to the growth of the company around the around.

Quorum is the other company that will be helped by Blockdaemon. It is an open-source variation of Ethereum and it was developed by J. P. Morgan. The company is an “enterprise-ready” blockchain and smart contract platform. Blockdaemon will be used to support the G-Coin technology, a new digital token backed one to one by conflict-free gold on the platform.

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