Most of the crypto enthusiast can confess to having started out without an adequate background as to what the technology was really about. However, along the way and with deeper diving into crypto, they find themselves knowing and adequately investing more. The main point of the knowledge is usually crypto news resources and other services that combine crypto enthusiasts. These platforms play a critical role in ensuring a large percentage of those interested in cryptocurrency can understand what this revolutionary technology indeed entails. For those aiming to seek a more personalized appeal to learning on cryptocurrency, you can always start out with social service. BlockFollow is an upcoming social service that should interest any aspiring cryptocurrency investor.

What Is BlockFollow?

BlockFollow is a blockchain-based social platform that aims to facilitate the use and support of cryptocurrencies among the population, making it more widespread. The platform aims to ensure it achieves the adoption of digital currency by providing essential financial services, educative features, and a stable cryptocurrency to create a crypto community and its ecosystem.

The Basics Of The Social Crypto Community Service

  1. Social communities- these will act as portals to connect and motivate cryptocurrency users by combining their contacts
  2. Crypto tracking- while keeping tabs on cryptocurrency is a challenge, BlokcFollow will allow for more critical scrutiny of your digital assets.
  3. Rewards program- get to earn for transacting through the BlockFollow platform as a token of appreciation for the users.
  4. Latest news- with the cryptocurrency scene full of speculation, it is often a challenge to keep up with the real information. Separate the rumors from the official info, thanks to BlockFollow news portal.
  5. Educative features- while most social services focus on interaction, BlockFollow still recognizes the importance of educating the users on the best investment strategies and measures to take.
  6. Mobile apps- users can interact and transact whenever they feel they don't want to miss out from BlockFollow.

BlockFollow Benefits

  • Convenience- BlockFollow will allow the users to access their social services at their comfort through the smartphone applications.
  • Extra earnings- while interacting you can also earn from the simple socializing with other users. The rewards come in the form of BlockFollow tokens (BFN).
  • Socializing- it is hard for a new crypto investor to understand the markets firsthand truly and socializing could go a long way in helping to give such characters an insight of how people genuinely trade.
  • Accurate news- the BlockFollow community will act to provide accurate and detailed reports regarding communication within the crypto world.

However, while there are plenty of advantages of the social services, there is also an underlying challenge that it could face after inception. The primary factor that could present a risk to BlockFollow's potential is the high level of competition from more established blockchain social services. While it may seem concerning, the rivalry is a significant factor in the cryptocurrency scene.

BlockFollow BFN Token ICO Details

It would be entirely improper to judge a not-yet-established ICO for the BFN token set to start on 4/22/18. However, honest opinion on BlockFollow is that the project is somewhat shallow and I would not expect it to make an impact in the future. The whole project is full of shortcomings and the team handling BlockFollow seem less informative on how to handle an ICO.

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