Are you interested in investing in new projects? The blockchain and cryptocurrency market is full of them. Many of these projects are just waiting for you to discover them and obtain a huge profit from them. Because of this, you have to know the market very well if you are interested in making great investments which can get a good return on investment.

Fortunately, our blog review many companies to help our readers decide which ones of them can be the best ones. Today, we are going to review a new international start-up blockchain company called BlockFood.

What Is BlockFood?

BlockFood’s main goal is to use sharing economy to improve the market for food ordering. Using the Ethereum blockchain technology, BlockFood is one of the first companies to use blockchain technology in this specific market. Every transaction and order made via BlockFood will be made via smart contracts, which will ensure that the transactions will be safe and non-refundable.

This company is a non-profit project who the main objective is to create an environment which will bring restaurants and customers closers using a fair model of distribution revenue based on the blockchain technology. This will ensure that both parties will obtain the best result from the transactions.

BlockFood’s main characteristics will be its decentralization, fairness and openness. Decentralization will empower the users because no company will be reaping a large margin of profit because of them. The fairness is relative to the distribution model used by the company and the source code of the project will be available on open source platforms like Github.

This will enable good deals and third-party projects which can make the BlockFood app much better.

How Blockfood Decentralized Food Ordering & Delivery Token Works

BlockFood will actually be very alike to many of the actual food ordering services that you can find on the market right now but it will have some differences which will make it better, the company states.

One of these features are the smart contracts. Every transaction will be stored forever on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contracts, which means that the transactions will be more secure than they normally are because they are normally processed via a middleman, the company which created the app.

The lack of a middleman will also reflect on the prices of the products. BlockFood will have cheaper prices than most of the food service companies which are in the market right now. This will happen because BlockFood is a non-profit company and it will offer the product at the cheapest possible cost.

To use the services of this company, you will have to use its BlockFood (BFT) tokens.

How To Invest In BlockFood BFT?

To invest in BlockFood, you will have to acquire its BFT tokens during the sales. The pre-sale has already begun and it will continue until February 9 and the main Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is planned to begin on March 8 and last until April 8. The sale will have a cap of 54,000 ETH, so if it reaches this number first, it will be over. In both sales, you will have to buy at least 0.1 ETH in tokens to participate.

During the pre-sale, you will be able to buy 1500 BFT tokens with 1 ETH and 1000 BFT tokens with this same quantity of ETH during the main sale, so investing right now is a great idea if you want a discount of 50% in the price of the tokens.

Important: you will not be able to buy BFT tokens from this company if you live in the United States or in China.

BlockFood Verdict

Is this company a good investment for you? It can certainly be if you are interested in its products. BlockFood may not give you a huge amount of profit because it is a non-profit company, but you will certainly be able to use its services for a great price if you are interested in buying this tokens right now.

The company seems legit and free of the most common red flags for scam. Because of this, it can certainly be a great idea to invest in this company if you are interested in using its services in the near future.

Even if you are not so interested, you still have a good chance of being able to profit from selling your BFT tokens after the sale, especially if you buy them during the pre-ICO. Because of this, be advised that BlockFood can certainly be a good choice of investment for you.

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