BlockGrain & Mountain State Trialing Blockchain Beer Tracking System

An important Australian agriculture technology startup known as BlockGrain will be partnering with West Virginia’s largest and oldest brewery, Mountain State Brewing Company, so as to set up a pilot project to track where beer comes from.

Everywhere around the world, companies are starting to implement blockchain technology to track how products are elaborated. This time, two important enterprises will be working side by side to explore how blockchain could provide better solutions for daily problems in the supply chain.

The pilot will be running for over a month and the companies will analyse the results after it. Distributed ledger technology allows for recording and storing millions of transactions which are securely protected and immutable. This empowers consumers increasing trust and satisfaction.

Brian Arnett, co-owner and co-founder of Mountain State brewing Company explains that consumers are increasingly searching for transparency and authenticity in the things they buy.

He commented about it:

“As we reach a stage of excessive product proliferation, both consumers and manufacturers alike are looking for the next level of differentiation. In the case of the beer industry, we believe this can be achieved through secure ‘barley to beer’ traceability, allowing for single origin products to be adopted at mass scale.”

BlockGrain works by allowing farmers to track their commodities from the paddock to manufacturers (breweries and malt houses), and finally reaching the consumer at the shop. The company helps farmers to create, manage and track commodity contracts, invoices, payments and more. But is important to mark that everything is done using blockchain technology from a very user-friendly application.

Indeed, BlockGrain was started by farmers and the technology was built for them. The company clearly understand the needs of the industry and how to deal with it. Moreover, Willie Lehmann, co-owner & co-founder of Mountain State Brewing Company, said that the company has been focusing on its customer since the very beginning.

Mr. Lehmann said:

“We would love to continue that tradition by utilizing technology that will provide absolute transparency to customers by showing where every ingredient of the beer they drink comes from.”

They use water from the head of their watershed and grow some of their own hops and adjuncts. Moreover, they want to keep this path in the future by implementing new technologies.

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