What Is BlockGrain?

BlockGrain is a new decentralized blockchain platform specially created for agriculture. Many areas of the economy are being improved because of the blockchain technology and the agriculture is certainly one of them. The platform lets the token owners eliminate unnecessary paperwork and reduce the inefficiency of their systems.

How BlockGrain Blockchain Agricultural Supply Chain Software Works

BlockGrain uses smart contracts to manage the operations of a day to day agricultural facility or farm. It can improve the traceability and gives a proof of origin for products by using the blockchain technology, track and automate the supply chain of the company, improve how it works and its efficiency and more.

The platform can also reduce the risks of the transactions because of the smart contracts, which can enable the company to trade faster and with clients that it can be sure that will always pay because payment will be automated. Another feature of BlockGrain is to provide a full visibility of your stock, which can be a tool for helping to visualize better what you have and what to do with it.

Basically, this is a great tool to find ways of managing your business better and benefit from what the blockchain technology can offer to your company in terms of decentralization of paperwork and helping in your logistics of the company.

BlockGrain AGRI Token ICO Details

BlockGrain is currently selling its AGRI tokens to finance the development of the company. The private sale, which has already happened, sold over $3.5 million AUD in tokens for the investors that bought the tokens during this phase.

The public sale has begun on April 24 and it will last until June 24, intending to sell a total of 260,000,000 AGRI tokens during its this phase. The minimum contribution for the people who want to participate is 0.5 ETH and the maximum contribution that a single person can make is 500 ETH.

The maximum number is set to avoid a centralization of the BlockGrain tokens in a single entity, which would go against the decentralized model of the platform.

BlockGrain Team And Partners

Caile Ditterich acts as the CEO of the company. He was born on a farm and is the founder of the project. He worked on the farm and after graduation, started to work with technology, including blockchain. This gave him the idea of forming this company to help farmers. Sam Webb (COO), Martin Halford (CTO), Baden U’Ren (CFO), Ian Dalgliesh (business development manager) and Megan Laws (marketing manager) are also part of the management team.

The main advisors of the company are Alex Saunders (blockchain advisor), Sutyanata Wongtomo (blockchain), Anouk Pinchetti (blockchain), Martin Davidson (blockchain), Simon Spencer (AI), Gerard Toscan (agricultor), Brendan Stewart (agricultor), Don Telford (supply chains and logistics), Jack Haddad (supply chains and logistics), Michael Sonderegger (finances), Christian Mischler (market entry and growth) and Jing Su (international markets).

The main partners of BlockGrain are AgLink, BCS Rural Solutions, GeoCommodities, Advance Queensland, the Queensland Government and Rise Agri.

BlockGrain Verdict

If you have a farm, this company can provide you with a powerful resource to manage it better. We are confident that, with the team is has, BlockGrain can be a useful option for the people who need a tool just like this one. The big number of advisors and the experienced team are a good hint that this company knows where it is going with this project.

Farmers should be the most typical buyers of this company, but if you think that you should buy the tokens for their market value alone, we would not necessarily be against this decision.

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