What Is BlockJakarta?

The 7th Edition of the Blackarrow Blockchain Series conference ‘BlockJakarta’ will be held on the 9th of May and it is looking more promising than ever. For most participants in Indonesia, the Blackarrow conference is the best place to connect with startups that are shaping the future of blockchain, network with blockchain regulators in the country, and meet with the best blockchain influencers from all around the world.

Businesses with ready blockchain products can also get space at the conference to showcase their products and reach new markets or investors. Individuals can also showcase their expertise and attract the attention of recruiters and talent scouts.

BlockJakarta Indonesia May 9, 2018 Blockchain Conference Details

Everyone agrees that the new defining structures of our economic, legal, and political systems are records, contracts, and transactions. The world is gradually but steadily embracing the new blockchain technologies because of their practical applications such as protecting assets and setting organizational boundaries.

Blockchain promises to solve many problems that keep in place the bureaucracies that manage the world’s economic and social structures, preventing a true digital transformation. With the introduction of blockchain, there is hope of a better world where contracts, embedded in in digital code, can be stored in transparent fraud-proof system of databases. The most defining focus of BlockJakarta conference is how to explore the opportunities introduced by blockchain to change the world.

The conference also explores the challenges that blockchain industry players in Indonesia are facing, and how those that are succeeding are making Indonesia the biggest Asian blockchain market. The agenda of the conference include: banking with blockchain technology, the future of blockchain, blockchain + ai, blockchain & regulatory framework, integrating supply chain, retail, healthcare, blockchain for mainstream consumers, and the growing Indonesia blockchain community

BlockJakarta Conference Topics

If you are a professional in the IT, governance, banking and payments, fintech, or blockchain industries, then the BlockJakarta conference is for you. You are also invited to attend if you are an enthusiast looking to find ways to take advantage of this new age technology.

Attendees get to:

  • Discover the nuances of Blockchain technology
  • Listen to case studies from top experts
  • Showcase their expertise and market dominance
  • Discover the opportunities and challenges of blockchain technology
  • Network with startups making their mark in blockchain

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