Blockloan has an important objective to solve access to credit globally by bridging the gap between cash and crypto, anytime anywhere. This initiative will revolutionize the future of global banking. Blockloan targets the following areas:

  • Personal crypto and FIAT loans
  • Crypto equity margin lending and collateralized crypto loans
  • Wallet and FIAT conversions
  • Debit card to access crypto funds

Blockloan Mission and Vision

Blockloan’s vision is to create a world with easy access to credit anywhere and anytime. In line with their mission, Blockloan delves at creating greater global accessibility, efficiency, and removing unwanted transactional costs by removing the role of the middleman.

The platform will bring together a global pool of lenders and borrowers for crypto and cash. From proprietary risk scoring to a secure transactional wallet platform, loan management, and debt collection, Blockloan aims to transform the face of banking.

blockloan homepage

Platform Features

Blockloan utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate crypto-backed loans, margin lending, and others. Here are some of the important features of the platform.

  • Crypto for cash: users will be able to access cash without having to sell their crypto. This is possible through Blockloan margin loan.
  • Invest in crypto: users can utilize equities as collateral for their loan
  • Global access: Blockloan seeks to facilitate global access through crypto-backed loans. Users will be able to access funds through their Debit Cards.
  • Build your borrowing power: Blockloan uses multiple data sources to accurately represent borrowing power of their users.

Customers in Control

On Blockloan, customers have control over their own details, which is both portable and accessible. It also embraces proprietary multi-factor risk assessment, which arises from social and traditional data sources. They are also experts in credit risk assessment, which boosts the strength of social media.

From social data to credit history, users on the Blockloan platform own and have access to their data. As a new lending model, Blockloan is transforming the way credit works for both crypto and traditional lenders across a worldwide audience of verified borrowers.

Benefits For Lenders

Blockloan is suitable for lenders who are looking for improved returns.

  • Improved scoring methodologies: The platform uses social and traditional data to create a stable proprietary credit scoring model. This improves their insight into consumer risk.
  • Smart contract pools: Users will not have to bid on every loan, as they will be able to join smart contract pools that work according to specified criteria.
  • Global crypto and FIAT: Users will shift from investing in local markets to targeting the global market. Besides, they will be currency agnostic with the platform’s crypto and FIAT lending models.
  • Lending tools: With Blockloan’s lending tools, users will be able to track their loan portfolios, view live reporting, and credit scoring updates.

Blockloan Team

A team of experts surrounds Blockloan. Michael and Bill, who are both co-founders and CEOs of the project, have great experience in retail banking and the crypto space. They are also qualified in other related disciplines that will see them propel the platform to greatness. With a team of experts around them, the future seems brighter for the Blockloan community.

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