What Is Blockmant?

Blockmant Limited is a registered options broker and automated cryptocurrency trading company that utilizes automated software for financial and digital assets trading for profitable and guaranteed daily returns.

The Blockmant system has proven reliability and sustainability with results due to its software and hardware that ease cryptocurrency trading and investments combined with a 24/7 customers support and live chat to solve any user issues.

In addition, Blockmant features a smart algorithm that can perform technical analysis to determine the right time to trade and prevent losses. The algorithm also uses the power of volume of trade with the aim of shifting the market signal towards profits.

How Blockmant Automated Trading System Works

On the Blockmant website, users will have to create an account by filling the forms and setting their four-digit pin. Once the pin has been set up, the user is required to set their payment details and the security options under the security settings and payment wallets.

The deposit details are generated after users completed the registration details. The deposit should be made to the generated address within 15 minutes for it to properly reflect on the user’s account. Deposits can be made in the user’s preferred cryptocurrency and as soon as the deposit is confirmed, the user can select the amount to trade per transaction as well as the trade duration in order for trading to commence.

Automatic Monitoring

The automated system will monitor the signals and trade on behalf of the user. After the trading duration has elapsed, users can view the earnings generated from their daily balances. The users can withdraw the earning into their payment wallets and the request is processed immediately it is received. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1 and maximum is $150,000.

For users that do not want to make a fresh deposit, they can use the recycle earning feature to invest back the earnings from previous trades. Users can earn additional income through the referral program where they will receive 5% commission on all the deposit their referees make.

Why Trade Using Blockmant?

Automated Crypto Trading

Blockmant distinguishes itself from other automated trading systems through its integration with advanced algorithms that feature impeccable performance that have the ability to generate up to 5.5% profit daily from cryptocurrency trading regardless of price fluctuations or market conditions. The profits will increase over time as more users join the platform.

Secure Storage Of Funds

The current generic wallets store the user’s cryptocurrencies without earning any returns on the funds. However, the Blockmant Ltd autotrader will store the user’s funds while earning profitable returns on the cryptocurrency value.

Exchange Funds

Blockmant trading system is compatible with over five major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, LiteCoin, and Dash. Users will have the ability to exchange their cryptocurrencies with any of the five cryptocurrencies.

Experienced Team

The Blockmant limited team is made of professionals with over 8 years of experience in financial management, options and binary trading thus making the platform an industry leader in cryptocurrency investment and trading.


Users can access the Blockmant trading platform through the Blockmant mobile app that is compatible with different devices and allows users to automatically trade and invest from the convenience of their devices.

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