Due to rapid increase of content on the internet, stock images and stock videos are being used without taking permission or license from the original owners, whether on purpose or unintentionally. Original owners of these media files miss out on significant generated funds. They cannot administer infringement notice or even report these violations because they have no details as to where it is being used. Photographers and creative content makers are having a hard time making money off their works and images as there is no industry or system that demands people pay a certain fee or royalty for using their content.

BlockPix is a blockchain startup that is partnering with business and creative content developers to put a copyright seal on their work, helping to get royalty from their creativity.

About BlockPix

BlockPix.io leverages the innovative distributed technology of Blockchain with partnership from experts from the photography industry, tech developers, ICO experts and brand influencers to build a sustainable community of the world’s creative content creators, photographers and image brokers. This offers everyone within the circle opportunities to protect, sell, distribute and monetize creative work. Smart contracts powered by Blockchain technology provides top-notch verification on the Blockchain in contracting, accounting and reporting thus reducing the overall costs.

The BlockChain platform is a solution for photographer and image license holders merging management, protection and distribution services into one protection and monetization platform.

The benefits of using the BlockPix e-commerce solution is listed below.

  • Large storage bandwidth for creators.
  • As the target market of the platform is clearly defined, they guarantee maximum conversion.
  • Creators have all the control over pricing their products.
  • Creators are offered better value for their work which invariably leads to better financial returns.
  • Transactions are secure and are in real time.
  • Intellectual property is guaranteed.
  • Creators have direct access to clients, making negotiations more flexible.
  • Payments are guaranteed as there is no chance of deception due to the smart contracts.

BlockPix Token

Bringing developers, marketing personnel, legal team, designers and other members of the team requires funds which BlockPix is going to raise by an ICO. Offering an Initial Coin sale instead of a traditional VC round enables the community to participate in Blockpix success story, rather than being a mere spectator. Whenever BlockPix profits, the token’s investor also profits.

BlockPix coin will be called BPX and it will be the official currency for the platform. They are going to release a total of 250 million tokens to the market, of which 80% is allocated for crowdsale, 8% is reserved for the team, 10 % is the reserve and 2% is for the reward program. One BPX will be priced at 0.0001 ETH. The token is a standard ERC20 one and the only accepted currency is Ethereum.

Funds raised will be distributed as follows.

  • 40% in purchasing the licences.
  • 30% in the company development.
  • 15% will be reserved for future use when there is a need for liquidity.
  • 10% is set aside for the marketing budget.
  • 5% will be distributed between the crew, the people who help build the platform.

BlockPix Conclusion

BlockPix is empowering the content creators to finally take control of the media they own. Their platform is a truly decentralised, transparent and trustless one where photographers and content creators are valued for their creativity and labor.

More can be found out about BlockPix and their coin on their website https://blockpix.io/

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