Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the popular cryptocurrency that was born from a Bitcoin hard fork last year, has a new on-chain social media platform since May 2. According to the team who built the software, it was in development for months, way before Memo, a similar platform that was released recently, was announced.

Blockpress, like Memo, requires Bitcoin Cash for its actions. Compared to the other platform, though, our first impression is that Blockpress has a better graphic interface that resembles Twitter.

Each Action On Blockpress Will Cost Bitcoin Cash

The users will be able to add their names, avatars and more in their profiles, but each action will cost a small microtransaction of BCH. Before you start to use the platform, you have to use a Bitcoin Cash wallet to deposit some money.

As the actions do not cost very much, you can pretty much use $1-2 USD worth of BCH and you will be able to use the platform. Any action costs less than a penny, so you will not have to worry about the service being too expensive.

As a matter of fact, for security reasons, avoid using a lot of money in these new platforms. They might still have bugs or be prone to attacks and you can end up losing your money if their security is not very good.

Not only you can customize your profile on Blockpress, but you can also post, as it is expected of any social media network. At the moment, you can write only up to 70 characters and reply other people’s posts. You can also tip other people with Bitcoin Cash, which seems like a decent way to monetize the platform.

The Future Of Blockpress

Blockpress will integrate a Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) on the platform in the near future and the main developer, Attila, intends to create a big community on this platform. He states that he wanted to see new products built on BCH and he is impressed with the community so far.

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