POA Network Introduces An Open-Source Block Explorer BlockScout

The Ethereum based platform, the POA Network that is offering an open-source platform for smart contracts has established a block explorer that is fully futured called BlockScout for the Ethereum ecosystem. BlockScout is a secure tool that is easy to use allowing users to explore and search transaction, balances and addresses on the Ethereum, POA Network and Ethereum Classic blockchains.

BlockScout is part of the future block explorers that allow users to see detailed data on blocks, transactions, balances, as well as token transfers while occurring in real time and those that have already occurred on an interactive interface. This platform gives users and developers a wide range of functionality, support for ERC-20, an API that is flexible and ERC-721 tokens.

In addition, the platform also has smart contract querying, smart contract verification as well as instant tracking of block confirmations.

The Tech Lead of POA Network, Igor Barinov, said that when they were developing the POA Network, they noticed that the block explorer at that time were a closed source and its functionalities were limited. This limitation meant that developers were unable to propose any new ideas, add on to the system’s development or even bring together sidechain platforms. BlockScouts has established a new benchmark for tools in blockchain exploration. It has given uses a detailed avenue to verify transactions easily on the Ethereum Blockchain, private chains and sidechains.

After almost a year of development. The beta version of BlockScout was added on GitHub in August 2018 for community input. The project was being funded by POA Network and also received a grant ETHPrize.

BlockScout Project Lead Andrew Cravenho said that it is to the hard work and input of their technical members and contributors and the useful and critical feedback from their enterprising community that BlockScout functionality has become so advanced. He says that they are proud to have delivered such a useful product that is not available and open to all and remains forever dedicated to working with rapid expanding society to continue refining and growing BlockScout.

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