As a means to eliminating centralized control, Blocksims was developed on a distribution sharing model to allow all users to access the ledger. What this means is, it avoids single points of risks associated with hacking attacks as an example. This trust does not currently exist in the current networks whereas Blocksims is focused to relieve that.

Because Blocksims is completely blockchain related, is helps to stop the expensive infrastructures that are required otherwise. This helps with both the speed of the exchange as well as the allowing things to run quicker throughout the network. Essentially, creating a means of seamless transition.

Like Blockchain, the transactions and transmissions occurring are all part of the Blocksims network which are both protected through encryption and through public and private keys. This is an interesting combination of both the crypto world and digital signatures we are perhaps more familiar with.

BlockSims Telecommunication Industry Information

Blocksims has a section on their website that is called ‘Block Cases’. It is entire section dedicated to showing the everyday user how their network is the most effective. For example, through roaming – this allows the user to eliminate the high costs often associated with roaming charges. It is probable you have experienced this a time or two – most people have, unfortunately.

Blocksims is introducing something they call ‘smart connection’. The purpose, is that through the power of blockchain they are able to provide several hotspots and Wi-Fi locations based on various permissions and conditions. This will help generate automatic billing amounts and payments contrary to how systems are set up to date. Blocksims also intends to create a component to identity management. The point being to provide a tool that is accessible to different devices, applications and organizations.

Lastly, let’s talk about distribution and sharing. With this added feature, Blocksims will be set to provide content platforms such as YouTube, Netflix and Daily Motion for example – to buy bundles to distribute to their customers or registered user. This could be a great benefit to their customers because it will enable them to use their platforms while avoiding the high costs associated with data. Sharing is caring, right?

Ultimately, Blocksims is geared to help resolve problems that are associated with telecommunication companies. They can do this by providing block sim cards to the registered users. This will provide people with shareable and unlimited data through the income generated through the digital advertising components.

More Information About Blocksims

The idea was originally thought in early 2017. To date, there is now development and research completed and these graphs and a whitepaper are now available on their website. February 2018 is the pre-ICO launch with the official launch to follow shortly later in March 2018. The Blocksims is expected to release in October 2018 accompanied with a mobile application and mobile ad platform by the end of the year.

The projection is expected to reach 20% of the telecommunication industry holding a Block sim card.

To date, there are several partners who are associated with Blocksims including (but not limited to):

  1. Airtel
  2. Cellcom
  3. AT&T
  4. Docomo

… and more.

There are extensive details about the team behind the Blocksims technology available on their website and more specifically, on LinkedIn.

The minimum investment into the Blocksims technology is $500.00 USD and this may change (likely higher) post launch. There are a variety of currencies you can purchase Blocksims with and this should be accessed through the crypto trading platform website.

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