Blocktrail Bitcoin Wallet

Blocktrail was a bitcoin wallet that was recently acquired by Bitmain. Find out everything you need to know about this mobile and desktop wallet today in our review.

What is Blocktrail Bitcoin Wallet?

Blocktrail is a bitcoin wallet launched back in 2015. The wallet was made by an Amsterdam-based company. Blocktrail was available for iOS, Android, and as a web app. Some of the key distinguishing features of Blocktrail include multi-signature support and the use of the HD protocol.

When Blocktrail launched, it was one of the first wallets to support the HD protocol. Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets use a form of key creation that allows the creation of child keys from parent keys in a hierarchy.

In June 2017, Blocktrail was acquired by Bitmain, the bitcoin mining giant. Today, when you try to access the Blocktrail wallet online or through mobile app stores, you’ll be redirected to the wallet. It appears that Blocktrail is shutting down operations.

Blocktrail Features

Blocktrail came with many of the features you’d expect to see in other bitcoin wallets, including:

  • Send and receive bitcoin easily and securely
  • Maintain full control over your bitcoin private keys
  • Pay friends without QR codes or lengthy addresses
  • Available on iOS, Android, and as a web app

How to Use Blocktrail

As of June 2017, Blocktrail had been acquired by Bitmain. When you visit the signup page for Blocktrail’s wallet, you’ll be redirected to make a wallet at

When you click the links to download the Blocktrail apps for iOS and Android, you’ll be redirected to the wallet apps.

Who’s Behind Blocktrail?

Blocktrail is a bitcoin wallet that launched in 2015. Prior to launching the wallet, Blocktrail had been developing analytics tools for the blockchain community since 2014.

Today, Blocktrail B.V. is based in Amsterdam. They were recently acquired by Bitmain, the large cryptocurrency mining company.

You can contact Blocktrail today at [email protected]

Key members of the company include Boaz Bechar, Ruben de Vries, and Alejandro de La Torre. The company was co-founded by Lev Leviev, who also founded Russian Facebook rival Leviev provided €500,000 in seed funding to the company back in 2014.

Blocktrail Bitcoin Wallet Conclusion

Blocktrail is a Dutch cryptocurrency wallet developer that launched back in 2015. In June 2017, the wallet was acquired by cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain. The wallet is no longer accessible online or through mobile app stores. All services have been transferred to the bitcoin wallet.

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