Securing the right candidate for a blockchain developer project is no mean feat. Similarly, landing the right position as a job seeker can be quite difficult. This is where Blocktribe comes into play.

What is Blocktribe?

Blocktribe is a digital job board that focuses on blockchain workers. The platform operates two main wings: the employers’ wing and the job seekers wing. Additionally, it runs an updated blog that provides enough information and tips on how both players can thrive in the network. Employers utilizing Blocktribe can post jobs and search for the right talents. On the other hand, job seekers can create resumes and search for the right jobs.

Employers Looking for Talent

As an employer, you can post a job advert and search various resumes for potential candidates based on your job requirements. However, many employers still struggle with how they can attract the right candidate for their job adverts. On this issue, Blocktribe offers solid tips that employers can follow to find great talents.

With the rising popularity of the blockchain network, it attracts hundreds, if not thousands of start-up and major corporations worldwide. If you need to hire a great blockchain developer for your company, you should understand a few important things.

A Top Performing Blockchain Developer

To start with, you need a top-performing developer, an A-player to create a well-distributed system. A-player developers not only understand workflow on the blockchain network, they also embrace perfect user interactions. Additionally, they are proficient in the industry intrigues that you need to create a complex distributed system.

However, finding such an amazing blockchain developer is not easy. Based on their intellectual endowment and experience, they cannot stay without a job for so long. Besides, the companies that are lucky to have them are not willing to give them up easily. Therefore, the result is that fewer blockchain intellectuals are available.

How to Attract Great Blockchain Talent

To attract the best talent for your blockchain project, you need to provide something that the experts already lack. Based on Blocktribe’s experience, great blockchain developers are always willing to associate themselves with great employers and with the most interesting projects. Common tips include:

World Changing Projects

If you put up a job advert regarding changing the world, you should be precise on the level of challenge and complexity that your project entails. That can give you an opportunity to engage brilliant minds.

Many blockchain developers would like to work with like-minded brilliant people. For instance, if your blockchain project involves the use of key figures in various cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, R3, or Hyperledger, then you should mention the opportunity to learn.

Should You Promote Your Job on BlockTribe?

More people are drifting from confined job environments to open, remote workplaces where they can operate on their own schedules. This eventually enables them to improve the quality of their lives. If your job offers this perk, then you are more likely to get responses to your job advert.

The best way to promote your job is to advertise on the Blocktribe platform. Blocktribe is the largest blockchain job board in the world, with the largest number of vacancies. In addition, Blocktribe offers tips that both employers and job seekers can follow to meet their requirements. A large number of blockchain intellectuals search the website. Once your job is up for grabs, you can also use the social media handles and paid adverts to increase more target candidates.

Overall, if you are looking for blockchain jobs, blockchain companies, or you would like to place a job advert, Blocktribe is the place where both job seekers and employers converge.


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