Blockvest (BLV)

BlockVest is a project that aims to utilize blockchain technology and digital identity for the digitization of assets. To achieve this, the project will utilize smart contracts to safeguard and self-manage digital assets. Thus, they hope to achieve a smart economy that runs on a distributed network.

Blockvest token

BlockVest (BLV) is an ERC20 token that is powered by the ethereum blockchain. By being based on the blockchain, this platform will be available 24/7 anywhere in the world. All of this will be possible without the high costs that come with the legacy banking system. At the core, BLV is designed as a utility token.

The initial tokens will be accessible via an ICO with a closed cap. The tokens offered will be representative of the participant’s share in the portfolio. Of the funds raised, 30 percent will be used to purchase the underlying index crypto coins.

Ensuring Accountability

BlockVest will issue tokens built on a smart contract that will make possible to share profits. This project wants to introduce the Token-As-Fund model of business. This will make it possible for investors to subscribe to any of the income streams established. In the platform, a self-certification system has been introduced, which will allow shareholders to monitor investments over time at any time.

To give investors even more confidence, the daily self-certification program will be combined with a monthly external audit. It will help to ensure that there is trust between the fund managers of BLV and the shareholders who purchase tokens. In this company, investors will have access to numerous open-end investment funds called Digital Asset Arrays.

Why it Matters

This project will offer clients the opportunity to earn a passive income via BlockVest Nvestnodes. The Nvestnodes are quite similar to Bitcoin mining. However, this is a more efficient use of the blockchain network and is less complex. Besides that, Nvestnodes have more functionality, which makes them more useful than the Bitcoin.

Explaining The Blockvest Project

Utility is the primary driver of value in all digital currencies. The BlockVest project aims to connect collateral with people that need low volatility. This will ensure that there is an incentive-based market for stability. The holders of the collateral are awarded when users utilize the stablecoin. Thus, they are compensated for staking the system.

This project makes it possible for individual asset coins to be combined and listed as Digital Asset Arrays. The aim is to create a system similar to Futures Contracts, ETFs, and Forex Currency pairs. It will allow investors to diversify their crypto portfolio with financial products that are powered by smart contracts. These smart contracts are powered by the blockchain and settled in digital currencies.

This project is starting with Blockvest Nvestnodes, but it will branch out to Ethereum Nvestnodes, Bitcoin Nvestnodes, BlockVest Blockchain Derivatives, and much more. All of this will be listed on exchanges globally and traded around the world by anyone. The ICO started on April 1, and it is going to conclude on June 30, 2018.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $154.64B $8,724.3105 8.95% $8.68B
ETH $28.42B $267.5388 7.95% $3.04B
XRP $17.31B $0.4109 7.83% $757.85M
BCH $7.78B $437.0398 10.15% $643.99M
LTC $7.04B $113.5987 12.70% $1.39B
EOS $6.34B $6.9368 10.09% $985.17M
BNB $4.86B $34.4300 2.36% $345.99M
USDT $3.09B $1.0086 0.44% $7.56B
XLM $2.57B $0.1331 7.90% $63.89M
ADA $2.23B $0.0860 6.27% $88.33M

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