BlockZeus is a new tool that you can use to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. It enables you to import your data once to it as you connect it your exchange accounts and you will be able to use this new software to view your portfolio in real time. BlockZeus is available for desktop computers and smartphones.

What Is BlockZeus?

BlockZeus was created to make the lives of crypto traders easier. As the market evolves and more people get interested in it, they need more tools because many of these traders are professionals who have been trading for years and would not be satisfied without having better tools.

This company has options for portfolio allocations that will let you get a live view of what is going on in your allocation of funding and to see your history broken down by each crypto and understand better your performance. With BlockZeus, you will be able to visualize your holdings better, the current market price of all your assets and how the market is changing.

The company is basically focused in solving issues of portfolio clarity because it can show you data that you would simply not be able to visualize otherwise and help you to manage your money and your earnings.

By using this software, you will also be able to view it any moment, as it is compatible with mobile technology and tablets and you can view curated news at any time that you wish to.

How BlockZeus Live Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager Tracking Works

By connecting BlockZeus with your exchange account (which can be done via the API of the exchange), you will allow this program to take your information and provide you with detailed charts and performance metrics that can be used for you to get a better understanding of how you are trading and, therefore, trade better.

You should consult each API to know how you can find it and use it and which kind of information the API lets the third party company use it. BlockZeus state that the company will only use secure information and nothing more, but you should always be careful when using this type of service.

At the moment, BlockZeus supports Poloniex only. Binance and Bitfinex are already on the list of the company and are going to be added soon. All the APIs of these companies give only restricted access to the user account via the API.

BlockZeus Verdict

This company has developed an interesting software for those who are in dire need of a more elaborate portfolio management software than what is offered by exchange companies. If you use a company that is listed as usable with BlockZeus, it can definitely be a good idea to use this software to make your life easier.

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