Blocnation is the world’s first ICO that is decentralized apparently. I’m not entirely sure that’s accurate, there are hundreds if not thousands of ICOs currently operating with unreal amounts popping up every day. To make a statement like that is very bold, but it could be true. And as far as Blocnation is concerned, the company is built on the Komodo Platform and backed by Pouch Nation.

As of right now, there is also a huge giveaway taking place. Its for the chance to win two million of the Blocnation coin, known as the BNTN Token. You can register now at the company website, BlocNATION as it’s known, uses the BNTN Token and is ultimately fueled by the experienced PouchNATION, and will be utilized primarily by the Southeast Asian Market. As of now, the platform is in operation across eight different countries in Asia.

The BlocNATION platform has already been successfully running apparently, with more than $25 Million SGD worth of transactions already accomplished. There are more than two million transactions that have already been successfully completed as well, which is in itself is amazing. Lastly, for the purpose of proof based on statistics, there have been over 30 million data points collected.

To learn more about what all this means above, read this review and go the platform’s main website where you can download the corporate whitepaper and watch some videos about the platform. As said before, the BlocNATION Platform is powered by PouchNATION, an already successful cryptocurrency company located in Southeast Asia that runs on the powerful Komodo software.

How Does Blocnation Work?

The company PouchNATION was first started in 2012 and was originally used to offer organizers of events and hostels a simple way to perform end-to-end guest management. The platform was developed originally to accommodate audience networks that ranged in sizes between 3,000 to 150,000 people.

PouchNATION made is much easier to help clients manage their guest experience from the onset to completion of all actions related to the events. This included the responsibilities like dealing with tickets, registration, cashless payments, access control, social media engagement, brand activations, data and merchant management. It made it possible for the event organizers to better take care of the even procedure in a more efficient, easier to manage way of operation.

The BNTN Token which stands for Blocnation token is the fuel that will be utilized throughout the rest of Southeast Asia’s leading cashless payment system and community. It will also be utilized for events, venues, and PouchNATION. The new app developed for the platform will also include storage capabilities for altcoins, and also atomic and etomic swaps, acquiring of event tickets, hostel booking, and cashless top up and cashback features as well.

Apparently, there are other reasons to choose the platform, and that is because of the backing put in place by Komodo. First of all, they have the unique ability to have tehri own independent blockchain that is highly scalable. Also, Komodo offers the strongest level of security, and thereby provides the guests management application with a completely borderless and decentralized payment capability.

The company has already participated in managing several events. They played a part in the Vietnamese Backpacker Hostel event. Another major event that was managed using Blocnation was the massive Bali Marathon that takes place once a year. Not only that, but the fun and entertaining Beerfest Asia and Paradise Music Festival were both ran and organized with the management software.

Other events include; Brewfest Manila, Jack Daniels Indiefest, The Plus Six Music Festival, and the Tafisa Games of Jakarta, Indonesia. If you want to see the exact stats and case studies of the events, you can do so at the company website. And they also have a company newsletter, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram accounts you can follow to stay up to date.

And, if you want to see a detailed roadmap, that can also be used to trust their goals, projects, already accomplished feats and the projection of the company’s vision – you can do that on the homepage of the BlocNATION website as well.

Blocnation ICO Information

The BlocNATION ICO is only mentioned slightly in the FAQ section, they have put much more emphasis on the quality of the platform, the solutions it provides and how it operates. This is a very good sign, as it shows the team is more focused on explaining why BlocNATION will be so beneficial, and less worried about creating hype around the ICO, something that most other companies do.

This is because BlocNATION understands that if you have a great product, you can focus less on the hype – because the quality of the product will help the system sell itself.

Who Is Behind Blocnation?

There is a massive team on BlocNATION that is running the show, and that isn’t even including the team at PouchNATION, or the one at KOMODO either. The team of professionals is also expected to grow in size at a tremendous rate in the next few weeks as well. Without going into details about each team member, I’ll simply give the names and you can research them for yourself on the company website and their verified LinkedIn Profiles as well. It should be noted, this is only a list of the key players on the team as well who were the first to start the platform.

  • CEO and Founder – Graeme Perkins
  • COO & LEGAL DIRECTOR – Gino Jacinto
  • CFO – Wina Chia
  • Senior Advisor – Ben Fairbank

Lastly, the team has a huge frequently asked questions section on the website where you can learn a plethora of knowledge about the platform, how its operations are handled, the token, a much more as well.

Blocnation In Conclusion

The platform is an exceptional software that is highly advanced and used for event management. It’s built on the blockchain technology and has been proven solid already. The team is exceptional and growing, they operate with total transparency.

BlocNATION is also operated by PouchNATION, an already successful platform as well with a great team, proven track record and years of experience. Along with that, they are operated through KIMODO, a well-respected company that is helping ensure the new platform will be made at the highest standard.

If you have any questions about the company, you can fill out the contact request form on the company website and they are expedient about responding. Lastly, the company is based out of Singapore, one of the most economically successful countries in the world, known for keeping tight restrictions and regulations on anything related to cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Basically, BlocNATION is an exceptional startup that you would be wise to consider investing into or using if you’re an event coordinator.


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