Blocside Sports is a blockchain-based digital platform that seeks to improve, innovate, and reimagine the fan experience and engagement in professional football by mobile ticketing, easy payments, and augmented reality.

It also aims at becoming the leading football ownership conglomerate by acquiring football clubs that are located in strategic leagues and have attractive exit positions for the players. The cost of acquiring a particular club is also a determining factor in the acquisition of a club. The clubs should also offer fixed assets such as stadiums, training fields, and loyal fans or supporters. Blocside Sports will use unified blueprint to manage all the clubs it has acquired in order to ensure that the technical and operational sides of the clubs are transparent and strong.

BlocSide Sports Background

The platform was formed to try to solve the financial and operational inefficiencies within the football industry such as corruption and lack of transparency, lack of opportunities for fans to engage and give back to the game, clubs losing money by transacting using different currencies, and payment delays. Through the smart contract within the blockchain technology, the issues mentioned above can be solved on the platform. For example, during player transfers, the smart contract will automate the process, while ensuring the transfers are timely using a single currency, which eliminates the currency exchanges. The digital transactions will be secure, fast, and transparent.

Accepted Tokens

Blocside Sports will issue the MVP tokens, which will be its utility tokens. MVP tokens are Ethereum based and ERC-20 compliant. Football fans can purchase the tokens using Ethereum during the Initial Coin Offering or on third party exchanges.

Token holders can use the tokens to purchase goods and services on the platform such as merchandise, tickets, food and beverages, experiences and many more. The tokens will also allow the token holders all around the world to avoid exchange rates and credit card processing fees as they can redeem their tokens on a blockchain for goods and services. Redemption of the tokens for goods and services will lead token holder receiving discounts.

In the future, Blocside will create a marketplace where fans can buy and sell merchandise and tickets using the tokens.

Benefits of BlocSide MVP tokens

Reduced transaction fees

Through the tokens, transactions between the platform and customers will have reduced facilitation and cross currency fees compared to using cash.


The tokens will utilize the blockchain based Ethereum, which will guarantee the security of the fans transaction information. Blockchain technology will also validate and track ticketing information.


The tokens will allow fans of a particular football club to access the Blocside platform. Through the platform, the fans will be able to access exclusive broadcasting and live streams of games and practice footage.

Discounts and rewards

Token holders who redeem the tokens for team merchandise or other services will receive rewards and loyalty points depending on how frequent they use them. The points are redeemable for more tokens, merchandise, or memorabilia at discounted prices.


All the transactions or processes will be on a distributed ledger where all the token holders and external organizations such as FIFA can monitor and thus providing full transparency.

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