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BLOK: Kick Starting Your Freelance Career Through Blockchain

With the advances in technology, a majority of the working-age population prefer to become an independent workforce. However, for those in the gig economy, finding a structure that could support your work schedule might prove hard to find.

Additionally, there are those with traditional jobs and would love to join the freelancing economy. The primary adverse outcomes most fear is the lack of a job supply or cases of fluctuating workload and payments.

However, for those still fearful of such scenarios, I will have you know that blockchain technology has taken the liberty to urge the workforce into a platform and link them to potential employers.

About Blok

Blok is a blockchain platform that intends to replace the hierarchical model of our existing workforce system. The venture is leading the charge to create a more modern, productive and agile workforce by using blockchain technology to reduce the inefficiencies often displayed.

The platform’ users will be able to browse for job offers, assign themselves any relevant provide and undertake to complete the tasks. Once complete the freelancer will get paid in Blok tokens (BLK) which is the primary currency of exchange between employers and on-demand workers. In short, Blok wants to create a common workforce economy for all members of the economy.

Blok’s Protocol

For any user to acquire a gig and earn, they would first need to register and authenticate their skills to allow for originality and the quality of work done. Once registered, the Blockpreneur for a company to create a gig appropriate to their skills set.

For the employees, they can browse the job offers on Blok’s verified directory. The on-demand worker applies the task and awaits confirmation from the relevant company. If all the conditions are attainable, both parties undertake to partake in the creation of a smart contract to assure the safety and security of the work operation.

How is Block Valuable?

  • Establishes a new gig economy- companies can easily solicit for their gigs, assign the relevant contractor and pay them, all under one platform.
  • The use of smart contracts will help eliminate the quality and transparency that comes with matching workers to employers
  • The freelancers get a diversified portfolio of clients to choose from and secure an employer.
  • Utilization of blockchain technology ensures there is a transparent and trustworthy connection channel between the employers and freelancers.
  • Companies can look to distribute their tasks on the decentralized platform and reduce the costs regarding labor and capital while looking for new employees through outsourcing.
  • The Blok platform also allows for the optimization of services and products by companies as they can focus more on their business rather than look for workers.

Can Blok Help You Build Your Freelancing Career?

The leveraging of blockchain technology as present in Blok is an excellent option to connect employers and workers from around the world. Additionally, the technology can help in reducing the payment complexities, trust and the authenticity issues.

As such Blok is a solution that can fulfill the customer's needs while also growing your freelancing career. The only major point of concern is whether the Blok can overcome the heated competition we witness with the freelancing applications.

All-in-all, the concept of the project is workable in the long run but will depend on the adoption within the job sector.

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