Blodon BloodChain is a blockchain that will work a social blood bank. Curious to know how it will work? Read our review.

What Is BloodChain?

The Blodon BloodChain is a flexible and intelligent solution that uses the blockchain technology and big data the predict the demand of blood needed in near future. This software helped the company to create a blood bank. It is an open and decentralized network that connects people interested in helping other people by donating blood.

This network is also considerably secure, private and fully auditable because it uses the blockchain technology. This gives Blodon BloodChain a strong consistency and a high resistance for system failure and similar issues.

While the project is still in a very early phase, it will basically consist of a network for people who want to donate blood and receive it.

The BloodChain Social Blood Bank Blockchain Mission

This company’s main goal is to ensure that all the needy receive blood donations, something that unfortunately is not the norm nowadays. Because of this, it intends to offer attractive ways for people to donate their blood for others while also providing an incentive system that can be completely auditable and verifiable via the blockchain.

To be able to achieve these results, the company has created a way to provide healthcare with efficiency and prices that will allow people to pay for them by providing a cost-effective blood donation promotion system. This way, it can also reduce the costs of storage and management while increasing the availability of rare blood types.

The company was created because there has been a decrease in blood availability in recent times and the demand is considerably getting bigger than the supply, which is making the price of blood rise. Storing blood is also expensive, so the company has decided to find means to help with that.

By diminishing storage costs, promoting donations and effectively motivating new people to donate, this company believes that it can make a difference.

BloodChain BLOOD Token ICO Details

The BLOOD token sale is still far away. The company has decided that the pre-sale will happen in the first quarter of 2019. The price will be 0.00005 USD for each BLOOD token will a supply of 14,000,000,000 BLOOD tokens.

The main Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will only happen in the second half of the year. Each BLOOD token will cost 0.00008 USD then and the supply will be 65,000,000,000 BLOOD tokens. The hard cap will be 5,521,356 USD and remaining tokens will be burned after the sale.

After that, new BLOOD tokens will only be created as a result of the Proof of Blood system, that rewards people for donating blood.

Who Is Behind BloodChain?

The leader of this project is Sebastian Zaremba. He’s aided by the Polish team comprised by Aleksander Sosnowski (inventory optimization expert), Radoslwa Lugowicz (IT architect, WWW Expert), Anton Bubiel (blockchain economy expert), Adrian Tkacz (blockchain expert and Med/IT architect) and Piot Krawiec (marketing and sales).

The company also has advisor experts in many areas like economy, IT, motivation models and legal affairs. Some key partners of the company are Tiqdiet, the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs, Red Code SPK, BioInfoBank, and Coinfirm.

Blodon BloodChain Conclusion

This company definitely has a noble goal: to provide blood for the people who need it the most. While we currently do not know how successful it will be in the market and its sale will only happen in 2019, we at least can be sure that this company might be worth investing if only to help the people that might need a service like this in the future.

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