Bloody Bay

What Is Bloody Bay?

The beach is a spot in the Caribbean, it is a paradise that is now the first piece of real estate to be offered exclusively through Bitcoin. It’s an entire island that is said to be absolutely beautiful and excellent for those people who had the courage to get in on the Bitcoin craze early on.

The beach is said to be unspoilt, unique and completely stunning. It’s known as Bloody Bay and is a place on Union Island as well as being known as being a jewel of the Caribbean. It’s now being offered for sale by bitcoin for a very limited time and is about to change the way that new money is viewed in the world. The island is located in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

There are thirteen acres of beachfront land, all available for the development of single houses and multiple dwellings, buildings and structures of all types. There is ever a plan offered as a reward to the buyer that has been drawn up by the winning architect Seth Stein.

The offer starts from 600 Bitcoin which as of now is about eight million, four hundred thousand dollars. You can register your interest at

How Does Bloody Bay Work?

The Bloody Bay property being sold is a 13-acre slice of paradise as they put it. It’s one of the most expensive items ever to be offered for sale exclusively through Bitcoin. It’s a tropical hideaway that can be viewed at It’s on Union Island in St Vincent of the Grenadines. It’s offered for a nice round 600 Bitcoins.

The land is a slice down the beautiful portion of white sandy beaches on Bloody Bay. It comes with plans that are focused around the construction of a stunning villa and beach bar. Within just a few minutes from the small airport.

The award-winning architect has drawn up the plans. The cabins are ideal for renting or having friends visit on the luxury villa. The new owner will be one of the wonders of some of the most stunning beach front property in the Caribbean. They are looking to turn the entire location into a luxury holiday destination.

It is only a short trip from other famous islands like Barbados. The Grenadines are rich in history and famous for the days of the pirates. The neighboring Tobago Cays was even one of the most used spots to film the Pirates of the Caribbean. There are only about 3,000 inhabitants on the island and the private islands nearby are frequented by several different celebrities, most of which are rock stars, royalty or fashion moguls. Even the Billionaire Richard Branson who is a Bitcoin Enthusiast lives nearby.

They are only accepting very serious offers and registration can be made at This investment is not for the feint of heart, but for those people who are dedicated to taking bold action. For those who do, they could potentially get in on an investment that could lead to hundreds of millions or even billions down the road. Not to mention, it will open an entirely new door for real-estate, investing and cryptocurrencies of all types.

Bloody Bay Conclusion

The people who will likely get in on Bloody Bay are those who investing into Bitcoin early on. Right now, Bitcoin is at an all time high, and it’s going up at a rate of about $1000 – $2500 a day. This shows exactly how powerful the cryptocurrency is becoming and why if you can afford it, it’s the ideal time to get in on it because it’s likely it will continue climbing beyond most people’s expectations.

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