What Is Bloomatch?

This is one of the first dating apps to help people match better using a decentralized protocol to help people match better using real social dynamics. They are basically helping people fall in love. And there is a whitepaper listing for anyone interested.

How Does Bloomatch Decentralized Matchmaking Blockchain Work?

User pools are designed to reward people in the network who are responsible for match making. They will be rewarded with the unique tokens used by the company.

Pools can be imagined to be like a combination of Slack and Meetup. There are groups that are federated, and some are invite only, ran by devoted match makers. The paper describes the process that match makers go through to get rewarded is encased in the networks internal workings, using tokens to help match new entrants with success. Different pools have different reputations and are measured in accordance to what goals have been met by the participating parties.

Matchmaking on the system isn’t just in reference to love. It can be related to jobs, professionals, friends, artists, and just about any other pair of people you can think of that would compliment each other. In short term, the company is attempting to build a business to help people optimize their chances for finding people they can resonate with.

Bloomatch BLM ICO Details

The Pre-Sale date takes place on March 4th, 2018 at 11am EST. There is a time frame of 35 days on the platform that uses Ethereum. Minimum financing is $2 million and there is also an $8 million dollar target for financing. The hard cap for the system is $12 million United States Dollars.

Who Is Behind Bloomatch?

The founder of the company is Rennie Joyy. She is the CEO and has a complete LinkedIn Profile. There is also Amit Jaiswal the COO & CO-Founder who also has a complete LinkedIn account. Simon Tadros is the CTO and has a Facebook profile and Abhishek Bhandari is the Co-Founder & VP of Marketing. That is only a small portion of the team of nearly ten people.

Along with the team there are also advisors who are there to help guide and assist the team members creating the platform. The fact that they use honesty and transparency is a good sign that they are a company that can be trusted. The only complaint I have is they do not disclose the headquarter location for the company. That is something that is very important to most people investing in new startups in the cryptocurrency space.

Bloomatch Conclusion

The company has some good ideas, and it’s a unique platform as far as I can tell. Matchmaking with dating is huge, but more importantly so is linking up professionals and creative types. The concept is very interesting, the main issue will be keeping a fresh and diverse pool of people on the platform. If you want to get involved with a new company, do some more research with Bloomatch and see if it’s right for you.

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