What Is Bloomio?

Bloomio is a new company that is designed to redesign to the venture capital industry. Basically, it’s operating as a crowdfunding platform that will easily connect individual investors and startups. Bloomio AG uses blockchain technology to power its equity platform and crowdfunding one as well.

How Bloomio Crowdfunding Investments In Blockchain Startups Works

Bloomio is a very real company, and some of the members who use the platform have more than 25 years of experience with working in the financial services industry located in Europe, and more specifically Switzerland.

The company most notably operates in investment management, and that includes the organization of the portfolio and manage all funds. Other areas the company covers are that of asset allocation and equity investment. His most recent positions were as the head portfolio manager at Pictet Wealth Management and the senior Investment Manager as well. He also as worked on several advisory councils and as an IMD Alumni at the Association of Geneva.

The company will help financial integrity applied to crowdfunding. Bloomio is bringing the higher financial standards to startup investments. And especially on the blockchain technology. It will be used to apply the strongest standards of security that can be used to process transactions of a financial transactions.

There is an accomplished team that is helping complete the team with one of the most solid experiences in the entire industry of cybersecurity and banking. There is an expert board that works hard at taking care of due diligence. The board is a third party that has been put into place to deliver the most honest assessment of any financial institution.

The company also has swiss quality and fully complies with all Swiss financial regulations. The process relies on a broad network of partners that can be used to fully support the rapid onset of a new tech startup. And they do more than simply connect private investors that support a new startup fastest growth.

Bloomio is more than just a company for connecting investors with promising new companies to raise funds. Then there is Bloomio and it is a fully functional, and perfectly structured system that has been designed to bring in the most lucrative investment opportunities with a unique set of functions.

Investors, Experts, and Startups will appreciate the company for given them the opportunity to meet the right investors. Other potential users of the platform are those in secondary markets, startups for ranking purposes, crypto-funds, and acceleration pools for startups as well as those looking to achieve the ranking of premium status.

Bloomio ICO Details

At this time there isn’t an ICO for the company. It’s more a straight forward investment company in which you can invest into new startups and other new companies.

Bloomio Conclusion

If you’re a startup and need a way to raise capital for your new business, then Bloomio is likely for you. And as long as you go through the right process and fit the criteria needed, you’ll be able to easily get the clicks you need for your new campaign. Bloomio is a great platform for anyone who truly needs to raise funds in the fastest, safest way possible.

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