Blue Baikal

What Is Blue Baikal?

Blue Baikal is a blockchain-based platform where consumers, contents, and creators worldwide can connect through blockchain technology. The platform focuses on cultural diversity, integrity in entertainment business, as well as fair distribution of profits. Blue Baikal believes that there is a missing link in the process of production and delivery of entertainment content to consumers. In nearly all cases, there is no consumer or fans’ participation.

The industrial structure, based on huge capital also brought several restrictions in the development of Indie contents. If the consumer could be actively involved in the chain of entertainment business through the blockchain, the current restrictive entertainment structure will experience many positive innovations.

Utilizing Blockchain Technology

Blue Baikal seeks to utilize blockchain technology in the investment and circulation of contents, especially in content production and promotion after their release for user retention. The process will involve active participation of content consumers and influencers. The platform will support their growth by bringing a new paradigm in the giant entertainment industrial structure.

The profits earned in the process will undergo a fair distribution to each participant according to their contribution by rewards and dividends. The platform embraces a full service structure that includes a specialized crowdfunding service with social media, digital content store, and entertainment projects—all utilizing BBC Tokens.

To hasten the speed of implementation, Blue Baikal aims to engage STEEM in developing social media and Hyperledger in developing content store and crowdfunding. They will operate in hybrid form and switch to Blue Baikal’s independent platform based on Hyperledger platform. Blue Baikal consists of a diversified global team of experts including content business, platform, and online service.

Problems Blue Baikal Seeks To Solve

The value chain of online entertainment content business includes three major steps:

  • Content design and production
  • Content distribution
  • Content consumption

Each of the steps requires the content producer to consider three things:

  • How to secure investments
  • Which platform to distribute and
  • how to secure and retain users

In the present entertainment industry, there’s a limit with attracting funds using existing methods. At the same time, content producers also part with colossal sums of money in fees charged by distributing large platforms. All these increase the overall cost for user acquisition and retention.

Blue Baikal Blockchain Solution

Blue Baikal connects entertainment content producers, individual content media (influencers), and content consumers to maximize the growth and profits of the entertainment business. It also provides a suitable ecosystem for fair distribution of profits.

  • Social media: reward type of social media based on entertainment
  • Digital content store: an online store that sells and buys entertainment content
  • Crowdfunding: an investment platform that supports new entertainment projects

Blue Baikal Ecosystem

By motivating content consumers to participate actively through the Blue Baikal ecosystem, the team behind Blue Baikal believes this will contribute to the development of the ecosystem and the growth of the entertainment industry. This is achievable by maximizing the revenue for Indie content creators and influencers. BBC token is the accepted currency on Blue Baikal platform. It’s ideal for investors and consumers for their data sharing and investment acquisition and marketing methods for distributors.

By using the blockchain technology, Blue Baikal aims to be an innovative global entertainment content business structure. It therefore pursues developing the quality of value chains. This will eventually lead to maximized growth, verified investments, fair profit distribution, clarity, and reward.

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