Blue Trading

Blue Trading is an investment management platform that has been involved with cryptocurrency for the past 3-4 years. Prior to cryptocurrency the company had been involved with stocks, forex and commodity trading. The company differentiates from other investment management firms for not using automated bots or trading systems for their trades, instead they have developed a team with extensive trading experience to manually administrate investments.

What Is Blue Trading?

Blue Trading has a long history in the financial sector where they have developed and tested their own manual systems and algorithm, at first to offer to institutional clients with larger funds. After the rise of cryptocurrencies and forex trading boom, the company saw an opportunity to use their tested strategies and offer services to global investors due to the viable liquidity of the cryptocurrency markets.

How Blue Trading Investment Management Services Work?

The Blue Trading platform is designed primarily for Forex, cryptocurrency and commodity markets. The company has more than 40 years of experience in different sectors related to trading. There are apparently four separate trading systems  and proprietary algorithms within their network that have been tested for various market conditions and are said to be consistently profitable.

Blue trading approach on investing involves using safe trading strategies and professional methods to help protect capital but at the same time aggressive enough to receive substantial returns. They also point out that all performance has been verified by different 3rd parties online and through the CPA audit.

According to their strategies the team in Blue Trading is constantly researching and evaluating new cryptocurrency instrument and forex trading pairs to stay ahead.

To get started with Blue Trading management services, users have a few options. To begin you can create a free account, a standard account that requires a minimum investment of $3000 EUR (18% performance fee) or a VIP account that requires a minimum investment of $12,500 EUR (12% performance fee). The company charges on performance only, meaning that clients don’t have to pay start up or management fees, instead as a client you pay a percentage of the gains depending on what account type you have.


Once the account is created clients will have access to a back office where they can add funds. The company’s compliance team will review/approve the new account with-in a few hours.

Blue Trading uses KYC methods to verify brokerage account holders, usually documents such as passport, ID or utility bill will work to certify identity.

Blue Trading also allows clients to view their trading accounts live 24 hours a day but does not require them to make any investment decision or execution on their own, since the company offers 100% managed trading. Inside the Blue Trading account the dashboard displays multiple options and performance metrics as well as diversified manual trading strategies.

How to withdraw funds from Blue Trading?

Blue trading allows clients to withdraw from their investment regardless if new trades are open. Withdrawals are processed on the same business days European time.

As a company Blue Trading offers GLOBAL, an ATM card to access funds and withdraw 24/7 worldwide. The card provides a convenient way to access funds.

Blue trading main offices are located in Tokyo, Japan. However the company has multiple independent branch offices through out Asia and Europe working as financial services providers to individuals or company-owned accounts.

Final Thoughts About Blue Trading

As per their track record and history in the financial markets Blue Trading is a legit international trading company.

As an investor keep in mind that foreign exchange trading is risky and cryptocurrency/forex exchange are high risk, high rewards industries.

Even thou choosing a trustworthy company to manage funds is very important to succeed, at the end of the day no one in any market can guarantee profits or exemption from losses. However an important aspect to keep in mind about Blue Trading is that all traders managing funds get pay in a performance basis only, so this helps ensure they manage the investment in everyone’s best interest including their own.

On a final note the best investment advice we can give you is not to risk capital that you can’t afford to lose as cryptocurrency and forex trading are highly volatile markets yet profitable markets.

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  1. Don’t touch them with a barge pole. It’s a scam.
    Awards mean nothing. Don’t have 24 hour support, called a number of the companies they use on their dashboard and they didn’t have an association with them. Only address is in Japan, all calls get forwarded to international numbers. Spoke to Irish office and they wouldn’t give me their address.
    THe worst of the internet!

  2. Peter, Bullshit, I am working with them such a long time and there is nothing wrong, they are very clear and professional team.

  3. Had an account opened with Blue Trading in March 2017 when I wanted to get involved with Bitcoin for the first time. Almost every month has been very nice profits and it’s quite fun to watch their team trade on the platform that let’s you log in from anywhere. Withdrawals are sent instantly, and customer support being available 24-5 is very important to me as someone who works odd hours as a Doctor. I highly recommend their trading to anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio!

  4. Your fund management service has been good to use and easy to manage my trades and I feel confident in trade performance provided by trading team. I did not expect this much accuracy and ease in the trades in past and thanks for being supportive and responsible to the funds handed over. Appreciate the quality of the customer support service which is without doubt highly recommendable to anyone.

  5. I have had my account open now since Feb 2018 and am up over €18,000 since.
    They are extremely professional and use reputable service providers.
    Support and withdrawals are all handled extremely efficiently as well. I could not ask for more!


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