What Is BlueBit Capital?

BlueBit Capital offers portfolio management for cryptocurrency investors. The company's website states that the service uses proprietary algorithms, emphasizes diversified portfolios, and employs a team of experienced traders, but it provides very few details about the program. The company appears to still be in development at time of writing, since there is no option for users to register and no timeline explaining when this will happen.

Who Is Behind BlueBit Capital?

BlueBit Capital's website identifies seven employees, all of whom claim to have at least a decade of experience working in the finance sector. The company is registered in Luxembourg and registered with that nation's financial regulatory commission; however, the company lists no address, and it's not clear where they are actually headquartered.

BlueBit Capital appears to have no presence on social media, and has not been covered by any online publications aside from a press release noting its partnership with an artificial intelligence company called the ORS Group.

BlueBit Capital's Technology

BlueBit Capital offers two funds, called Core and Wallets. Core includes only major, large cap cryptocurrencies, but Wallets is more diversified and seems to include lesser-known digital currencies. Both funds are organized as special limited partnerships, a legal organization unique to Luxembourg wherein a single general partner manages the assets contributed by one or more limited partners. Other than this, virtually no details are available about the program.

BlueBit Capital Blockchain Financial Asset Management Service

BlueBit Capital's website provides very little information about its programs; there is a form to contact customer service, but no option to register for the service, no detailed description of the investment strategy, and no whitepaper or FAQ page. It seems likely that the company is very early in its development – the press release describing its partnership was published just days ago (as of May 2018) – but even if this is the case, the company could publish a roadmap describing its plans or offer announcements on social media. The most pressing questions left unanswered are the minimum investment to needed participate, citizenship requirements, and the degree of control investors have after depositing funds.

BlueBit Capital Verdict

BlueBit Capital mentions a few organizations and legal entities that suggest the company is committed to careful regulatory compliance. While this scrupulousness will save the company headaches in the long-term, the lack of details offered by its website presents a problem that needs immediate attention, especially if the group hopes to win the trust of serious investors. The company may have an impressive service that can offer generous returns, but it must become considerably more transparent before investors pay attention.


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