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The concept of zero-emission buildings is slowing emerging as an innovative approach to helping us improve the energy performance and reduce the number of carbon emissions. That is in line with solving one of the most significant problems facing the planet in climate change. While the uptake of the concept is still far from becoming mainstream, one practice presents a considerable challenge. The major downside comes in the model in which we analyze and store our data.

It is evident that our traditional analysis and storage methods of cloud and internet are prone to attacks and manipulation which makes the whole process less efficient, regarding the outcome. However, a few have explored the potential role to use blockchain technology as an avenue to delivering of buildings to zero carbon through efficient and real-time data. Here a review of how one blockchain venture aims to have an effect and stimulate the uptake of ZCB.

What Is BlueNote About?

BlueNote is a blockchain platform that plans to create new energy markets that will help identify, implement and finance environmentally replicable projects to achieve economic, social or environmental benefit. The platform will operate through a transparent structure where building projects (“Blue”) will get the chance to upload their raw performance energy data onto the community-verified calculator for carbon-emission reduction.

BlueNote takes this data streams from the buildings handlers and standardizes them through the blockchain technology and the following features

BlueNote Protocol: acts as an open-access network that will enable users data sharing, analysis, and building energy services for them to have energy sufficient strategies for their buildings

BlueNote token: the ERC20-compliant token allows the utilization of smart contracts for the buildings to integrate the BlueNote Protocol.

The Benefits Of The Environmentally Friendly Protocol

BlueNote has the potential to revolutionize the energy market with its unique approach. Rather than focusing on trading, the platform is attempting a whole new concept for the energy sector. Here how one can benefit from a market of decentralized energy efficiency data services for buildings.

  • Creates an energy efficient market due to the introduction of new tools that will help develop better buildings
  • Provides an energy measurement and verification tool to calculate the cost and demand for energy
  • Unlocks property value due to the energy reductions
  • Speeds up and simplifies the energy efficiency service market

Are There Any Restrictions?

There is no mention of the restriction on which profession best suits the BlueNote Platform. However, insight does indicate that there are restrictions regarding investing. First off, the presale will happen through a private trade to specially selected investors. Additionally, the BlueNote platform and token are not eligible for use, or occupation in the following countries:

  • USA
  • China
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • New Zealand

Does BlueNote Have The Potential To Influence Zero-emissions?

BlueNote presents itself as an unforeseen competitor for a more energy efficient world. Their concept for focusing more on data services is a different use case for blockchain within the energy sector. However, the option of a private sale will lock out potential clients who wanted to get in on the project. Consequently, nobody can know for sure whether there are winners from the projects. While it may look perfect, the energy sector is highly regulated, and BlueNote will have to overcome this and the complexity of the industry.

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