With the rise of cryptocurrencies that we have witnessed over the past year, it comes as no surprise that more and more startups are joining the fray to cash in on the success of these assets. Online exchanges in particular have increased substantially in number, with there being over a 100 certified trading platforms that exist today.

What Is BlueRate?

BlueRate is a crypto platform that helps deliver its customers with a wide array of simplified crypto services at all times of the day. Some of the core services that are currently on offer include:

Online Currency Exchange:

This is the primary use for this platform. BlueRate allows for the instant exchange of digital assets via the use of a proprietary integrated network. This network has been made to be compatible with all of the leading blockchain instruments available in the market today.


Another key factor which makes this platform standout is its use of various safety and encryption protocols which ensure that all transactions happening within the system are accounted for at all times (as well as secured from any third party intruders).

Easy To use:

One quick look at the interface and it becomes clear to see that BlueRate is quite easy to use and manipulate. There is no technical language interspersed across the website, and all of the instructions have been provided in simple, easy to understand terms.


To help encourage the use of BlueRate across the globe, its developers offer customers with competitive rates on a host of different digital currencies.

BlueRate Cryptocurrency Exchange Other Aspects To Consider

Information Integrity:

All user related data that is contained within company servers are sealed via the use of many “integration based mechanisms”.

Margin Trading:

When making use of BlueRate Exchange, users will gain access to the advanced “eToro network of crypto traders” that can help us reap amazing returns on our investments. This is done by using a method called “copy trading”, wherein trades from experts are copied directly onto our brokerage account.

Seamless Support:

BluRate currently provides its customers with global support that can be availed of via live chat or email. All client issues are tackled and resolved immediately.


In order to provide complete security on all of our funds, this platform has partnered up with some of the giants of the security industry (Norton).


Owing to the fact that BlueRate makes use of secure API transaction keys, it is able to offer its users with a blockchain experience that is transparent and secure.

Good Compatibility:

The platform can be used on a host of different mediums including iOS devices as well as android systems.


Another underrated aspect of this service is that it provides us with reviews for a host of different crypto related products including mining GPU’s, Wallets etc. As a result of this, users can make smarter crypto choices that can help them in the long run.

How Do I Get On Board With BlueRate?

To sign up, all one has to do is visit the official company website, and follow the outlined instructions. There are apps that have been designed for different platforms that can be downloaded form their relevant app stores. In case of any doubts or queries, customers can get in touch with company representatives via the email address provided on the homepage.

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