In recent years, there have been talks of developing AI systems that can better manage content that is being relayed on a platform/ networking site. Through the use of advanced ID protocols, these products can allow for specialized content to better reach its target audience. However, there are still some vital issues which need to be addressed before these services can be integrated onto the blockchain service.

About Blunner

Blunner has been described as a revolutionary ‘AI platform’ that has been designed to maximize content outreach by analyzing user responses. In addition to this, Blunner also makes use of image recognition, face-detection, photo cropping and other smart algorithms to better adapt the designs that can help increase marketability and brand value of a customer.

According to company representatives, the system is intuitive, and has the ability to learn by making adjustments and picking up on certain user stimuli. As a result of this, Blunner is able to deliver its clients with a more “cost effective” web design tool.

What is Blunner Offering?

This AI platform has the power to evolve over time, and learn from user specific inputs. This knowledge can then be used to customize ones website in a number of different ways. Lastly, the company combines its unique AI Web Designer with a featured marketplace, and a decentralized blockchain so as to ensure the smoothest online experience for customers.

What is Blunner Marketplace?

In order to procure professional content onto a customers website, Blunner has created a marketplace that allows us to “discover and order content” that is most suitable to attract more attention online. Not only that, this Marketplace also makes it quite easy to find local professionals for a wide variety of jobs including:

  • proofreading
  • creative writing
  • content marketing
  • photography
  • Translation
  • programming

What Does the Company’s Future Look Like?

The AI Web Design industry is currently bludgeoning, and has been estimated by experts to possess a market potential of 20 billion dollars (in the United States alone). In addition to this, many studies have shown that there are nearly 16 million websites being added to the Web every month. Blunner operates within this market worldwide, and has the ability to support the creation of websites in multiple languages .

Blunner ICO Details

Blunner uses its own native currency called BLUN. It can be used to make transactions within the platform, and can also be used to pay for the monthly membership fee. The ICO will start on the 25th of January, 2018 and go on for a period of 30 days. Payments will be accepted only in the form of Ethereum.

In terms of token supply, there will be a total of 650 million Blun released to the market. During the Pre-ICO phase, 1 Blun=0.00066 ETH, whereas during the regular ICO, 1 Blun=0.001 ETH. At this point it is also important to mention that Blun is an ERC20 complaint currency.

Who Is Behind Blunner?

Blunner is the brainchild of Martijn Boesenkool, who has described himselfas being a “serial entrepreneur”. In addition to creating Blunner, Martijn is also the co-founder of Eyemedia (a full-service digital agency servicing various clients). Lastly, he has been in this field for over twelve years, and has specialized in the creation of scalable software systems.

Patrick Bouwknegt is a veteran web developer, who also serves as the 2nd in command at Blunner. His previous work includes a unique content management system and other web apps.

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