Blüpass is a blockchain company focused on offering solutions for healthcare issues. This company was founded by a team composed of Shawn Stephens (CEO), which has more than 20 years of experience in insurance and government policy development; Ray Keech (COO) with almost 30 years working in healthcare; and Mark Luther (CMO) with more than 10 years in insurance.

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What Problem Does Blüpass Solve?

This company believes that the healthcare industry has a huge problem and it also believes that it can solve it. The problem is that the whole healthcare system is too fracture and not connected enough. The consumers and the doctors often are too far away from the insurers and fraudulent healthcare claims are constant.

Blüpass believes that data integration might be an answer for this. If these people and companies used a single system, they could be acting faster and being able to see information with more certainty and speed.

Because of this, the solution created by Blüpass is the creation of a multi layered blockchain technology which can put all of this healthcare information together and enable the people involved to see it.

The company also believes that its blockchain technology will also help to prevent fraud because all the parties interested will have access to the information and will decrease the time of waiting considerably. Also, it can make the insurance services cheaper because it will definitely reduce their costs as they will become more easy to manage.

Blüpass believes that this can make the companies save up to $350 billion USD annually, which is certainly not a small sum of money.

The Blüpass Blockchain Healthcare Solutions Platform

The solution devised by this company is the construction of the Blüpass platform. This platform will be built over the own blockchain technology of the company instead of using a blockchain that already exists. Companies and users will be able to log on the system and benefit from it.

Some of the advantages that the company promises that the users will have by using the Blüpass platform are: instant verification of claims, decreased errors in files, protection against fraud, providers will be paid faster than ever and space for third party applications.

Blüpass BLU ICO Details

The ICO of Blüpass is already happening and it currently is in its pre-sale, which will end on May 15. These tokens will be used to access all the features of the Blüpass platform. You can only buy tokens with ETH and each one of them will have the base price of $0.25 USD. If you buy many tokens, you can get bonuses. Buying more than 5 ETH you will let you get a bonus of 20% tokens.

We do not have information about the main sale.

Blüpass Verdict

Blüpass has an enormous, but manageable task: to create a blockchain which can be used to connect the different people involved in the insurance process. It is hard to say until which point this company will really pull it off, but it might be interesting to see. This seems to us like a medium risk, medium reward investment.

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